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How to Add Post Creation Limit in WordPress

How to Add Post Creation Limit in WordPress

This guide is made for webmasters who need to limit the number of posts a user can publish in a certain period of time. That is great for multi-user websites. Once having the post creation limited, users can only publish a specified number of posts. In this way, webmasters can take full control of the number of published posts as well as avoid an excess of posts on the site.

Who Need to Set Posts Limitation for Each User

Who Need Post Creation LimitPost creation limit is an effective method to help webmasters publish posts systematically. That is particularly useful for the websites with multiple users. Here, we select some typical cases as below. Readers who are running those websites need to make use of post creation limit.

  • Review Website – The review websites that allow registered users to make reviews to a service, product or any other items need post creation limit. In this case, each user is only allowed to publish a certain number of reviews on the website so as to prevent users from abusing reviews.
  • eCommerce Website – Webmasters who are running an Amazon-like ecommerce site need to limit posts creation. This great feature makes it possible to limit the release of product information in a set period of time.
  • Multi-User Blog – Since more people come up with more ideas, many bloggers tend to develop multi-user blogs. All users have the right to write and publish posts to embed rich content in the blog. The best way to control the number of blog posts is to limit posts creation.

Besides the above three typical types, some other websites should also be taken into consideration, like real estate site, forum, dating site, and so on.

Add Post Creation Limit in WordPress Website

There are multiple WordPress plugins made for posts creation limit, among which Bainternet Posts Creation Limits is selected here. With this user-friendly plugin, users add posts creation limit in their sites within a few steps. Besides posts, it also limits the number of pages or any other custom post types.

The latest version of this plugin enables more advanced features for users. Install and activate the plugin to get more possibilities. Search for Bainternet Posts Creation Limits via WordPress dashboard and then install it.

Install Bainternet Posts Creation Limits Plugin

Since you have this plugin installed on your website successfully, a new item “Posts Creation limits” is shown under Menu > Settings. And now, you are required to create the first limit for users. Go to Settings > Posts Creation limits to enter the Posts Creation Limits settings page.

Post Creation Limits Settings Page

Click “Add New Limit” option. A window pops up and that is used to add a new limit rule. Customize the given options to set posts creation limits for a user role or a specific user.

Add A New Limit Rule

  • User Role – The post creation limit applies to the user role that is selected from the drop-down list. Perhaps, you can enter a user ID in this field to enable the post creation limit for a certain user.
  • Post Type – Make a decision on which post type should be under the limitation. The “Any” means that the post creation limit is available for all post types.
  • Limit – Type how many posts that the user role can publish in a period of time.
  • Status – Decide which post status should be considered. Multiple choices are available here, including publish, pending, draft or any other statuses.
  • Limit Message – This is where to customize the limit message. The message should be a line of words, which tells users the posts creation has exceeded the limit.
  • Time Span – Customize how long the limit is valid for this user. That should be in hours. By the way, if you type “Forever”, then this user can no longer publish more posts since he/she has reached the limit.

Finally, click “Add” button to confirm all changes. You can add as many post creation limits as needed to different user roles or users by complying with the above guide. Click “Save Changes” to confirm all limits you have created just now.

List of Post Creation Limits

The two actions including Edit and Remove are used to modify and delete a certain post creation limit. If there is a need to change the settings for a limit, the “Edit” action can help you a lot. Besides, for any useless post creation limits, you should use “Remove” action to delete those limits.


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