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Easy Steps to Add a Popup Contact Form on WordPress

Easy Steps to Add a Popup Contact Form on WordPress

Popup contact forms serve a wide range of purposes in websites. You can use them to collect information of a visitor, use it as a subscription form and even use it to get user feedback. You can add a contact form to your WordPress website using any of the several plugins available depending on the features you want. Here, we see some of the plugins that can be used in WordPress and also how you can implement them.

All of the following options are easy to use, beautiful, customizable, coming with spam protection and rich extra features. They are reviewed by our professional editors and welcomed by a large number of webmasters so that you can feel free to install and use them.

Best Contact Form Plugins

Contact Form 7


This is a simple but flexible contact form plugin for WordPress websites. It gives users a simple management and allows them to customize forms and mail contents with easy markups. With the features as supporting CAPTCHA, Ajax-powered submitting, Akismet spam, etc, Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular contact form plugins with over 13 million downloads.

Contact Form 7

Popup Contact Form


It is very easy to add popup contact forms to your website using this plugin. The link that pops up into the contact form can be an image or text. This plugin uses AJAX to submit the details collected through the form. It is also very easy to configure. You can even send emails to the admin using this popup. It also has a drag and drop feature incorporated into it.

popup contact form

Contact Form


Contact Form is a great plugin produced by BestWebSoft that allows users add a contact form to WordPress websites. It is quite easy to use, doesn’t need any other settings although there are several available options. Besides, it also comes with rich features so that you can choose the place to send messages, add file attachment, choose label, and so on.

Contact Form

WP Tell a Friend Popup Form


This plugin creates a Tell a Friend form for the users. This Tell a Friend form is invoked as a popup. Once the readers click on submit, the plugin can post the information to the intended friend as well as the admin. You can also send a message along with a link. It uses AJAX for submission and also has a drag and drop feature.

we tell a friend popup form

Fast Secure Contact Form


This is another contact form which is super customizable, allowing webmasters to create and add contact forms to a WordPress site easily, and allowing website visitors to leave messages or meeting requests.

It is an easy and powerful form build which allows visitors to send you email. With more than 4 million downloads and good ranking as 4.5 out of 5 stars, it is one of the top used plugins to allow users easily create and add a form to WordPress. This plugin is easy to add, remove, and reorder, allowing visitors to send emails to site admin, and also send a meeting request to talk over the phone or video. In addition, it is along with rich features such as multiple forms, confirmation emails, Akismet support, etc.

Fast Secure Contact Form

Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form


This responsive mobile-ready plugin with a drag and drop builder has a 5-click setup. It has some cool prefabricated contact form themes. You can also add visual and animation effects to your contact form. Other than this, it also offers spam protection. You are even allowed to upload files with this plugin. It comes in quiet handy for professionals and is also easy to use for beginners. It also works well as a poll form or application form.

perfect easy and powerful contact form

Contact Form Manager


It is an HTML editor to design contact form content. It allows users to add and operate multiple forms for single website, and supports a variety of contact form elements, like text field, text area, email field, radio button, drop-down list, and more. Besides, it even supports auto responder and flexible redirection options on form submission.

Contact Form Manager

Contact Popup


Contact Popup has an advanced form builder that can make the task of building your online contact forms very easy. This feature allows you to build your desired contact form, embed it in your site or even replace an existing form. You can also obtain statistics of the visitors that have interacted with the contact form with the help of this plugin. Using Email Alert, you can send all the entries to your email address.

contact popup



OptinMonster boasts of converting visitors into subscribers and customers. The Easy Design Builder included helps you create professional looking contact forms. It also has some pre-made templates in it. You can choose from multiple option types as well and decide how your form can appear on the webpage. It makes use of exit intent technology, which can detect user behavior. It then targets the readers with the appropriate campaign just before they leaving the page.


Add a Popup Contact Form using OptinMonster

The below steps can be followed to add a popup contact form to your WordPress website using OptinMonster.

Step One: Download OptinMonster

Simply go to http://optinmonster.com and click on “Get OptinMonster Now” and follow the instructions to download it. Then, activate OptinMonster for WordPress from your WordPress dashboard > Plugins. Upon activation, install the Canvas Add-on.

Step Two: Creating a Contact Form

create contact formGo to the WordPress admin menu on your dashboard and click on “OptinMonster”. From the OptinMonster Overview section under the Options tab, you can click on “Create New Option”. It can open a new set of tabs.

Next, under “Setup” tab, you can choose the type of option your want. Right now, click on “Canvas Popup”. You can be taken to a configuration screen.

Then, enter the Option Title, Option Loading Delay and Option Cookie Duration. Also, you need to set the other configuration settings on the form to your liking. The explanation of each setting is given below it.

  • You need to click on “Save and Design” Option. This can take you to the next step, i.e. the design of the form.
  • Select the theme you want to work with and click on “Open Design Customizer”.
  • You can see a blank form on the right with the design options on the left.

Now, you need to click on the HTML tab, and add the shortcodes and HTML code of your form here. Next, go to the CSS tab and style the form by writing the code for styling each HTML element.

Once done, click on “Save” to save the settings and close to exit this window and go back to “Design” tab. Then, click on “Output Settings”, and configure the settings to suit your needs and then click “Save”.

Step Three: Opening the Contact Form Popup using Links

In the Options tab of OptinMonster Overview, you can see a list of the created options. Click on the gear icon next to your popup. You can see the Unique Option Slug of the popup. You need this to create a link.

The following code snippet should be added to your WordPress page for the popup to be linked with your post.

popup contact form code

Note that you have to change the value of “data-option-slug” accordingly.


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