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A Simple Guide to Add Photo Caption in WordPress

A Simple Guide to Add Photo Caption in WordPress

Captions directly explain the content of images and photos, greatly helping customers to understand the abstract media file. This tutorial is written for webmasters to correctly add captions to photos in WordPress sites, along with detailed text steps and illustrations.

A suitable image speaks more than one thousand words. So bloggers always insert images and photos into blog posts and pages to embellish words and beautify the layout. For example, setting featured image, enabling automated post thumbnails, and inserting illustrations & clipart are some of the most common cases.

However, separate picture looks awkward, and adding captions to photos and images can express more accurate and correct content. As many readers ask us for the simple method and detailed steps, today we come out this guide to help you add captions to photos in WordPress.

Add Captions When Inserting Photos

The easiest way is adding caption when you insert the photo. Log into WordPress dashboard and go to Post -> Add New, and then insert an image you like. Place the cursor in the paragraph you want to insert the photo and click on the Add media button under the post title.

insert image file

Then, WordPress pops up an Insert Media window, where you can select a proper photo from the Media Library or upload files as you need. Once you selected the photo you want to insert, there will be added Attachment Details on the right side. You can find the Caption option here and enter specific caption to explain what is the photo and something alike.

add caption to image

In addition, you can also edit the alt text and description of the image and set the display settings as you need. Once completed all settings, click on the below button to insert the image. By previewing the post, you can see the caption effect as the below screenshot.

caption effect screenshot

*Note: This method is valid only when you insert photos through Add Media button. If you use HTML tag to call an image, you need to edit this image under Visual View. Switch your editor to the Visual module where you can see the content preview layout, and then click on the image and there appear two icons above image, one is Edit Image and another is Delete Image, just like the below screenshot.

edit image under vidual module

Click on the Edit icon, and it will pop up an Edit Image window, where you can set the Size, Alignment, Title, Alternative Text, Caption, and Link URL. Just feel free to complete these settings and click on Update button to save changes.

add captions and complete settings

Add Captions When Creating Image Gallery

You can also caption to photos when you create photo gallery in WordPress sites. Create a new post or page in your WordPress, and then click on Add Media button to insert photos and images. Instead of the default Insert Media option, you need to switch to Create Gallery on the left side of the pop-up window.

In the next, you can upload images or select preferred photos in the Media Library. Click on the bottom button to create a new gallery, and then, it brings you to the Edit Gallery page, where you drag and drop to reorder images and configure gallery settings.

Edit gallery image

Here, you can simply add captions to photos by enter the content under the photo, or fill the caption in the right side Caption field. At last, click on the Insert gallery to complete the process. And you can go to preview this page/post to see the specific effect. The appearance of caption completely depends on the theme styling. As we use the default Twenty Eleven theme, the caption looks like this:

gallery effect

Add Captions to Multiple Photos in One time

If you need to one-time add captions to several images which are inserted into various posts, feel free to follow this method. Instead of edit each post separately, you can edit all these images and add captions in Media Library.

Go to Media -> Library, search for the images you need to add captions. Then, click on Edit link under the image. And then, you will be linked to the Edit Media page, where you can see the Caption option under the image. As well, you can fill the Alternative Text, and description for Google Image search SEO. at last, click on Update button to save changes.

add caption in edit media

Video Tutorial

If you are confused with the above methods and steps, just watch this video tutorial to learn about the operation process.


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