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How to Add a Notification Bar on Your WordPress Site?

How to Add a Notification Bar on Your WordPress Site?

Over the web, many bloggers are racking their brains to boost the readership and traffic. Besides social media marketing and other popular strategies, they also take advantage of notification bars to direct readers’ attention to some important announcements, special offers, and other pieces of information regarding their websites.

In this post, we will briefly explain what a notification bar is and why you need to integrate it with your WordPress site in the first place. Then, we will carefully introduce the usage of multiple plugins, with which you can add a notification bar easily and quickly.

Understand and Add a Notification Bar

A notification bar, pure and simple, equals to a custom message plus a call to action button. Usually showing up at the top or bottom of a website, it can be used to achieve multiple goals as below.

  • Boost affiliate sales.
  • Promote a new product or service.
  • Make customer service announcement.
  • Increase newsletter signups or RSS subscribers.

Having said that, it is fairly simple to add a notification bar in WordPress with a wealth number of free and premium plugins. Among the lot, we have selected the following three free options for you to accomplish the task here. Now, scroll down to check them and their usages in detail.

Option 1 – WordPress Notification Bar

Having received a total of 8,000 active installs so far, WordPress Notification Bar is a popular plugin that features all the essential options for you to create a clear and complete notification bar.

Since the plugin is free for use, you can download and activate it directly through the “Plugins” > “Add New” menu in WordPress. Refer to this comprehensive guide on installing WordPress plugins if you have run into any problems within this period.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

Once the plugin is enabled, you can now head over to “Settings” > “Notification Bar” to define how it will function on your WordPress site. As the following screenshot shows, you can fully customize the notification bar message and action button to your taste.

Customize the Notification Bar

Also, you can make the notification bar stay at the top of your website when readers scroll down or change its default background color to match the color scheme of your current theme if there is a need.

Make the Notification Bar Sticky

When you are done with the setting-up process, click on the “Save Changes” button and the plugin will generate a customized notification bar to show readers information that you want to share.

Notification Bar in Action

Option 2 – Icegram

Icegram is another excellent plugin designed for the work. Based on an amazing “Campaign” concept, it enables you to create multiple types of messages, including popups, action bars, messengers, and toast notifications, as well as define the targeting rules. In addition, the plugin comes with responsive supports and a wide range of add-ons to make the campaign perfect fits for your website.

Icegram Plugin

While many other similar plugins are paid, Icegram is still free. In this case, you can download and install it in the same process of deploying any other WordPress plugins. After the plugin is activated, you will see a new tab along with several submenus on your admin area. You can get started by creating a new campaign or editing the already existing sample campaign as below.

Edit the Sample Campaign

As we’ve mentioned before, a campaign usually equals to messages plus rules. Therefore, you need to choose a message type from the drop-down menu and customize its headline, body, theme, and other aspects for your preference.

Choose a Message Type

In the next, you need to define the targeting rules for the campaign, specifying where to show the campaign, who can view it, within which time period it should stay active, and more. When you have created a campaign, you can publish it and then check whether it is working alright on your website.

Degine the Targeting Rules

Despite the fact the Icegram allows you to add multiple messages to a campaign, it is better to slightly limit the number of active messages on a single webpage and enrich these messages created for the same goal with different contents or presentations. By doing so, you can ensure users with a pleasant browsing experience as well as maximize their conversions.

Option 3 – Hello Bar

The last option that we want to introduce here is Hello Bar, a well-known and widely-used plugin of its kind. Despite that the notification bar needs to be set up outside your WordPress site and will be branded with a Hello Bar logo, this solution remains attractive, providing various excellent features for you to create a beautiful and professional notification bar.

Hello Bar Plugin

Once you decide to adopt this solution, you firstly need to install the plugin on the WordPress site of your own. Then, navigate to Hello Bar homepage and enter your site’s URL in the following window to add a new notification bar.

Hello Bar Homepage

On the “Settings” page of Hello Bar, you can get a variety of options to customize the style, colors, contents, and more of the notification bar message and action button. Since Hello Bar allows you to use the bar to achieve a number of different goals and the customization options may vary according to the goal you choose, you can configure them accordingly on the basis of your preferences and get a real-time preview on the right side of the page.

Change Hello Bar Settings

When the notification bar is ready, you can implement it to your site by adding a custom HTML code via a number of ways. All you need to do here is hitting the link “I use WordPress” and copy the code as below.

Adding HTML Code

Then, head back to your WordPress dashboard, go to “HelloBar”, paste the code in the corresponding box, and save changes.

Paste the Code

After that, you can visit your website to see the notification bar in action. Also, if you have created multiple bars, you can leverage Hello Bar amazing A/B testing functionality to check the bar colors, texts, and other elements to locate the design that your readers will enjoy the most.

Other Excellent Notification Bar Plugins

From the analysis above, adding a notification bar is an effective way for you to grab more attention from the visitors. Also, this task is fairly easy to accomplish with plugins mentioned above.

However, these plugins may suit a range of WordPress bloggers yet cannot meet the expectations of all. In this case, we have also listed some other excellent options for you to consider. What worth mentioning is that the former 3 options are free for use while the latter 2 will cost you several bucks.


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