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How to Add a NoFollow Checkbox to WordPress Insert Link Section

How to Add a NoFollow Checkbox to WordPress Insert Link Section

Within a blog post or a webpage, the external link is an outside link that plays a vital role in the search engine rankings. To better use it for website SEO, many experienced webmasters prefer to add a nofollow checkbox for this kind of web link. But for newbies, many of them fail to realize the importance of a nofollow tag for an external link.

In this case, we’d like to come out a tutorial telling you why and how to add such a link checkbox for your WordPress site within the insert link section.

Why Use NoFollow Tag in External Links

In fact, sharing a link on your post or page is equivalent to giving SEO points to that link. This means that whenever you include a link into your post, some SEO points are transferred from your site to that link. This is a fruitful linking strategy if you share your internal links, but is a poor idea in terms of external ones.

In this case, a nofollow tag can come into utilization for it restricts a search engine from offering any link juice to an external site. Besides, this practice can tell searching spiders that this is an outside link that does not need to be crawled and indexed.

Insert Nofollow Tag Manually

The manual inserting of nofollow tag can be achieved by using the following coding.

<a href="http://www.samplelink.com" rel=”nofollow”>Sample Link Anchor Text</a>

Insert Nofollow Tag Manually

Therefore, when you edit your post in the Text Editor of WordPress, you can use this line of code to make your external link a nofollow one. However, this way is not suitable to a bulk-sharing of external links as it is a time-consuming step. Therefore, you can also refer to the second method for an automatic inserting.

Use Rel Nofollow Checkbox to Add Nofollow Checkbox

As WordPress offers a lot of plugins to achieve different goals, this time, you can take the assistance of the Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin. This plugin is used by millions of WordPress developers and is one of the most effective tools for nofollow functionality.

Upon the successful installation and activation, this plugin configures automatically on your WordPress site. Now, you should navigate to the post editing screen. Here, you should choose the Visual Editor and click on the Create Link button.

Then, you can notice that a nofollow checkbox has been added to the existing option. This checkbox is generally available below the “Open link in a new window/tab”. You can choose both of them at the time of adding an external link to a post. This way, the link can be opened in a new window and does not share your linking juice.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Now, whenever you create a new post, you can link to an external page without transferring your SEO points. Moreover, you are not required to switch your editing screen to Visual Editor repeatedly to insert the rel=nofollow tag. You can create a post containing links to external sites and mark the nofollow checkbox conveniently through the Insert Link section to keep your link juice intact.


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