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How to Add a News Ticker on a WordPress Site

How to Add a News Ticker on a WordPress Site

A news ticker is just like a billboard delivering up-to-date news in roll, on which all news is transmitted one after another so as to report the latest information in real time. In addition to news transfer, news ticker becomes a favorite for webmasters to shared daily life, special offers, promotions, newly released posts, and something new with visitors.

Adding a news ticker on your WordPress site by means of plugin is worth taking. The pitch on in this guide is Ditty News Ticker, which is one of the most popular data display plugins having won more than 129,000 active installs.

Enable Ditty News Ticker Plugin for Your Site

Ditty News Ticker plugin is a functional plugin for information display. Users are allowed to showcase updates in scroll mode, rotate mode or list mode as needed and that will be changed automatically without manual switch. To give it a try and get more advanced features for news ticker creation, we are going to install and activate Ditty News Ticker via WP admin.

Go to Plugins > Add New. Seek Ditty News Ticker out via search bar and install this plugin since you get the search result as below. And then, make it work for you website smoothly by clicking “Activate Plugin”. A new item called News Ticker newly comes to the sidebar.

Install Ditty News Ticker Plugin

Add a News Ticker with Ditty News Ticker Plugin

Click to Ditty News Ticker Settings page. A few options are available for you to customize general settings of this plugin. Make some changes or stay the default settings according to your own needs. Click “Save Changes” button if there is something modified.

Ditty News Ticker Settings Page

Access to Add New News Ticker page by clicking News Ticker > Add New and create your first news ticker. Give the new news ticker a name and that can be anything according to personal needs. Below title, the Shortcode mode and Direct Function mode are available for you to position the newly created news ticker. The shortcode [ditty_news_ticker id=”127″] generated here is used to insert news ticker to a post or page and display it within web content.

Besides, a line of code under “Direct Function” mode should be added to the files of your active theme so as to showcase the news ticker anywhere on your website. Go to Appearance > Editor and open any file as planned. Add the line of code to that file and then “Update File” to show visitors a news ticker clearly.

News Ticker Title and Shortcode

Ticker Type section enables various options for you, such as Ditty News Ticker (Free), Ditty Posts Ticker, Ditty Twitter Ticker, and so on. Select one as you like or stay the default one. And then, move to Ticker Mode, which provides user with three modes for the ticker, including Scroll, Rotate and List. Choose the best suitable one to display new information.

Ticker Type Mode

Default Ticker Items is where to edit ticker text and link, which allows you to add as many ticks as needed by clicking the plus sign.

Default Ticker Items

Make some changes to the scroll in terms of scroll direction, tick dimensions, scroller padding, scroll speed and tick spacing. Perhaps, leaving default settings is also accessible for you. Having all settings done, click “Publish” to make your first news ticker into effect.

Scroll Settings

And now, you should insert this news ticker to certain page/post or a theme file. For instance, if you plan to display it on homepage so as to inform visitors once clicking to your website, copy and paste the shortcode [ditty_news_ticker id=”127″] to the homepage and check if everything runs well on front-end. Here shows you a news ticker sample and that is scrolling right to left.

News Ticker Sample

Go to News Ticker > News Tickers to check all existing news tickers you have created just now, which shows you the shortcode, direct function, type and mode for that news ticker. What’s more, you are able to edit it in anytime if needed.

All News Tickers


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