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How to Add Media Titles in WordPress Automatically

How to Add Media Titles in WordPress Automatically

Compared to texts, images are able to display ideas or thoughts in a more lively way. Therefore, it is common that you and many other WordPress site owners prefer to incorporate some images in web pages. Whenever you are uploading new images to the media library, it is always a good practice keep in mind that you should make them SEO friendly.

To create SEO friendly images, there are many considerations, top of which are the image titles and alt texts. However, when you add a new image using the built-in media uploader, WordPress automatically utilizes the filename as its title and leaves the alt text blank. In this case, there’s a good chance that some negative influences will be posed to your search results.

With numerous powerful WordPress plugins available over the internet, it is possible to add image titles and alt texts in a convenient manner without bothering yourself for any complicated configurations. In this article, we are going to use a simple yet useful plugin named Format Media Titles to help you learn how to add media titles in WordPress automatically.

Initiate the Format Media Titles Plugin

In the first place, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to “Plugins”, search for this plugin, and activate it. For any problems that you may encounter during this process, you can check our plugin installation tutorial for reference.

Plugin Initialization

Upon activation, it is high time to format your custom media titles. Click “Settings” > “Format Media Titles” on the sidebar of your dashboard and you will jump to a new page, where multiple options are provided, including “Remove Characters”, “Capitalization Method”, “Misc. Options”, and “Database Options”.

Evacuate Special Characters From Media Titles

As shown below, in this “Remove Characters” section, you are able to expel hyphens, underscores, and other special characters from newly uploaded media. During this process, blank spaces will be used to fill the original places of these characters.

Evacuate Special Characters

A real example is presented as below. If you upload a picture that is named as Los-Angeles-Skyline.jpg, it will be renamed as Los Angeles Skyline in your image title field.

Los Angeles Skyline

Choose a Capitalization Method for Media Titles

This plugin permits you to decide how these words in the media title field are going to be capitalized. You can capitalize all words or only the first word of media titles. Besides, you are able to utilize lower case or upper case for all words.

Choose Capitalization Method

Add Media Titles to Other Fields

In the “Misc. Options” section, it is possible to add your arranged media titles to the alternative text, caption, and description fields. However, these designed media titles are not automatically used as the title parameter in the img tag.

Since many search engines, such as like Google, are prone to measure the relevancy of an image usage based on its alternate text, we recommend you check the alt text field in case you have missed entering one for better search results.

Misc Options

Save Changes and Ring the bell

In the last section – “Database Options”, you can check the following box if you want to restore the changes that you’ve made when you reactivate the plugin. Remember to click the “Save Changes” button to enable all your settings in action.

Database Option

Up to now, you have done all the big things. Now, all you need to do is upload a new image. After that, you will find the plugin automatically generates a well-formed media title that is both decipherable and SEO friendly.

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