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How to Add Google Plus Badge in WordPress

How to Add Google Plus Badge in WordPress

Without doubt, Google Plus has been widely used by a tremendous number of people all over the world, so it has the ability to help you increase the traffic significantly. Also, as many users are active in this platform every day, Google Plus gives you a great chance to inform them about the new activities happen on your site.

To tell people that you’ve already joined in this large social group and to help them follow your account easily, you need to add a Google Plus badge at anywhere outstanding in your WordPress site. If you have no idea how to start this, simply check this tutorial to figure out the answer.

Badge Types

Before making the Google Plus badge, you need to know that there are 3 different types for you to choose, each of which comes with different functions and features. Thus, you’d better select one that suits your need best. Note that all of the 3 kinds can showcase your popularity by displaying how many people have already followed your account.

  • Profile Badge – This type allows your website visitors to add you to their circles easily and directly from the badge, without the need to go for your Google Plus account.
  • Page Badge – if you have created a Google Plus page, then you can choose this type. It includes all the features of profile badge, along with an additional functionality of +1 to your site.
  • Community Badge – This badge showcase your Google Plus community, allowing people to preview and join your group conveniently.

google badge types

Method One

At the official Google Plus Badge Page, you can create a badge with your Google account. In this page, you can choose the layout between portrait and landscape, select the color between light and dark, as well as decide the width of the badge.

There is a real-time preview at the right side of the whole screen, so you can see the final effect as you configure the settings.

google badge setting

If you feel that the badge looks good, simply copy the lines of code right below the preview section. Then, you need to paste the first line of code at wherever you want the badge to display, and the second one right after the last widget tag.

Method Two

This method needs a certain degree of HTML knowledge. You can log into your WordPress admin panel, and navigate to Appearance < Editor to make some changes in your header.php file of the theme. In the following, we have shown some lines of HTML code. Simply copy and paste them to this file and click the button of Update File. badge code

As the majority of webmasters are willing to display the badge in the sidebar area, so you can modify the text widget.

Simply go to the Widget tab under Appearance category, and drag and drop the text bar at a proper place within the sidebar to create a new widget. Then, you can add the following code into the blank space and click the save button.

add new widget

<g:plus href="https://plus.google.com/{plusPageID}" size="badge"></g:plus>

Method Three

In fact, there are a lot of user-friendly WordPress plugins available helping you do this with ease, such as Google Plus Badge, New Google Plus Badge Widget, and KdTips Google Plus badge. If you have no knowledge about HTML code, and feel that the above mentioned 2 methods are difficult for you, then you can make use of one of these plugins to achieve your goal.


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