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How to Add a Free McAfee Secure Seal to Your WordPress Site to Increase Trust

How to Add a Free McAfee Secure Seal to Your WordPress Site to Increase Trust

Displaying security seals on your site is a proven way to reassure visitors and show them that your website is safe and secure. In this way, you can raise a sense of trust, gain customer confidence and promote transaction to some extent.

Therefore, for those who are seriously maintaining a website, especially an ecommerce site, it’s of great importance to use security seals provided by reputed companies such as McAfee and Norton.

In the following, we are going to show you how to add a free McAfee secure seal to your WordPress site using the McAfee SECURE plugin.

About McAfee Secure

As a new program provided by McAfee to certify that a website is secure, McAfee Secure is a great offer for those site owners who are running small or mid-level business. There is a free plan which can show a trust mark to totally 500 visitors within a month, and a pro plan that prices at $9/mo and allows displaying this to an unlimited number of visitors.

Since security seal is a great way to boost your user engagement and increase sales, why not install the free McAfee Secure seal for your WordPress site? Now, let’s move on to see how the plugin functions.

Add a Free McAfee Secure Seal to Your WordPress Site

Of course, the first step for you is to have this plugin installed and activated. If you are not clear how to do the installation, please refer to this plugin installation guide.

Install And Activate McAfee Secure

Upon activation, go to “Settings” and click “McAfee Secure” to configure the plugin. To activate your account, you need to enter your email address and the URL of your website. Once done, click “Get Started”.

MaAfee Secure Get Started

This will direct you to the official site of McAfee Secure. Here you should enter some of your information, including your name, company name and telephone number, and set a strong password for your account. After you have entered all the necessary information, click the red button – “Activate Now”.

Activate McAfee Secure Account

On the next page, you will see the notification message indicating that your McAfee SECURE account has been created. Then click the “Continue” button.

McAfee Secure Welcome Message

Here comes the confirmation page where shows that “All tests passed!” next to the Security. You need to verify your email address by checking your inbox for an email sent from McAfee and clicking the confirmation link in it.

Verify Email Address

After you have verified your email address, return to the plugin settings page and refresh it, then you should see the “Security Certification” message as the following screenshot shows.

Security Certification

To see whether the security seal is added, simply go to visit the front-end of your website. If added successfully, you should be able to find the McAfee trust mark located in right side corner on the bottom. Click on it, and here will present a popup saying “This is a certified site” and some other information as well.

McAfee Secure trustmark Information


The McAfee brand and logo are powerful proofs in site security. Being able to display a McAfee trust mark on your website greatly helps with conversions, especially if you are running a site relating to transactions.


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