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How to Add File Type Icons for WordPress Downloads

How to Add File Type Icons for WordPress Downloads

When displaying the contents on your WordPress site, it is possible that you want to offer some links that allow people to download your offerings. To help people feature out what they will get from your downloading links, the file type icons can be necessary. This time, we’d like to tell you how to add file type icons for WordPress downloads with much ease.

In the common cases, when you upload some downloadable items via the WordPress media uploader, your website will only showcase the file names and link them to the attachment pages. Without knowing the exact file types and formats, people might be confused of whether your downloadable items are what they want. In the following, we’ll tell you how to eliminate this confusion easily.

Make Use of the MimeTypes Link Icons Plugin

To add the file type icons for your attachments, the easiest way is to use the plugin of MimeTypes Link Icons. With this plugin, you can display the icons for different file types easily. Even, you can have the freedom to showcase the PNG with the transparent background or the GIF with the white matte. Also, you can decide the showcase location right or left to the download links.

Set Up the General Plugin Settings

After the plugin installation, you should enter the plugin settings page by hitting on the Settings > MimeType Icons button. Here, you need to focus on the General Settings and make the decision for the following three aspects.

  • Image Size – You can choose the default size for the icon image among the options of 16×16, 24×24, 48×48, 64×64 and 128×128.
  • Image Type – There are two image types you can choose, which are PNG and GIF.
  • Image Location – You can showcase the file type icons on the left hand or the right hand of the attachment links.

MimeTypes General Plugin Settings

Choose the Icon Images for Your Download Links

Now, you can move down to the Image Settings part. Here, you can find 83 file types along with their exclusive icons. Thus, you simply need to tick the checkbox of your wanted images. Personally speaking, we think you can check and target all the available options.

MimeTypes Image Settings

Determine Some Advanced Settings

If you want, you can also set up some advanced configurations for this plugin. For instance, you can hide your selected icons for some exclusive CSS classes. Note that you can exclude plenty of classes, which are separated using the comma.

In addition, you can choose to display the size of the downloadable attachments next to the file type icons. Also, you can enter the exact decimals for the file size rounding.

In most cases, it takes times to retrieve the file sizes for your attachments. If you do not change the downloadable items too often, you can cache the retrieved file size, which results in the faster page loading speed.

MimeTypes Advanced Settings

Lastly, this plugin allows you to enable the asynchronous replacement, which is great to deal with the plugin conflict caused by your current plugins and themes.

Now, your download links can be displayed just like the following.

File Type Icons


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