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How to Allow Readers to Add Favorite Contents in WordPress

How to Allow Readers to Add Favorite Contents in WordPress

No matter which kind of website you are running, you need to engage readers to interact with your content. After all, the boosting of audience engagement can effectively decrease the bounce rate of your site. For this, most of you may choose to open the comment section. In the following, we will introduce the simple steps of how to allow readers to add favorite contents in WordPress. This is another useful method to achieve the better content engagement with your audiences.

Surely, we have to admit that the more comments mean the better engagement. However, most people now are not willing to spend their time to leaving any words on your content. Instead, they prefer to click on the buttons to showcase their “like” and “dislike”. In this case, if you are looking for the effortless interaction, the allowance of adding favorite posts can help you a lot.

The Benefits to Do So

Firstly, this practice can save people’s time and efforts to show their appreciation to your content. Especially, if your readers do not want to write down the comments, the simple Favorite button is a big encouragement for them to engage with your content.

In addition, you can do a research of what kinds of blog posts are loved by your audiences the most. And then, you can adjust your writing strategy to come out the contents people like.

Even, if you require your audiences to sign up before adding their favorite posts, they can re-check these contents in the later stage easily. Also, you can tell your new readers what other people like on your site.

How to Allow Readers to Add Favorite Contents in WordPress

This time, we highly recommend you to install the WP Favorite Posts plugin. This great tool allows your website audiences to add their favorite blog posts simply by clicking a button. In addition, it makes use of cookies to save data. In this case, if people want to check their favorite posts, they can fall into these two situations.

  • If they have logged in, the favorite data will be saved in the database.
  • If they are the unregistered users, the data will be stored in cookies.

Set Up the General Plugin Options

Now, you can install it on your WordPress site and click the WP Favorite Posts button from the Settings section. After entering the settings page, you should focus on the Options section to configure the following configurations.

General WP Favorite Posts Options

  • You can set the restriction that only the registered users can add the favorite posts.
  • The favorite button or link can be displayed before the post or after the post automatically. Or, you can insert the special code to decide a custom location.
  • You can choose the favorite icons from the listed options or upload your own images.
  • For the proper usage of the plugin widgets, you can decide how many favorite posts can be displayed per page and enable the statistics for the most favorited articles.

Decide the Label Settings

Next, you should decide the text for all the labels. These include the “add link”, “added link”, “remove link”, “removed link”, “clear link”, “cleared link”, “favorites are empty link”, “removed link”, “favorites saved to cookies link”, “only registered readers can favorite link” and many more. Unless you have the special requirements, the default labels are all proper actually.

Label Settings

Lastly, you can decide whether to load the js file and the css file or not.

Now, you simply need to save the settings. And the “Add Favorite” link can appear automatically. Once people like your content, they can click that link to show their appreciation.

Add Favorite Link

Make Use of the Plugin Widgets

This plugin also provides two special widgets. The first one is the Most Favorite Posts widget. With it, you can tell people which blog posts are appreciated by your current readers the most. Here, you simply need to drag it to your preferred sidebar location and enter the maximum number of posts to be listed.

Most Favorite Posts Widget

Here, we need to mention that you may enable the most favorited posts statistics when setting up the basic options for this plugin. If so, you can also display the number of users who have added the posts into their favorite lists next to the article titles.

In addition to this widget, you can also leverage the User’s Favorites widget. It is possible that people want to check their favorite articles in the later stage. And this widget can help them find the targets easily.

Just like you do to the first widget, you also need to drag and drop this one to the sidebar and enter the number of blog posts to show.

Now, people can know what articles they have added into their favorite listing and can check the content one more time easily. If you do not want to display this part in the sidebar, you can also use the following shortcode to show people’s favorite posts in any other location.

Favorite Posts Shortcode


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