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How to Add Facebook Timeline Design to a WordPress Site

How to Add Facebook Timeline Design to a WordPress Site

At present, the Facebook timeline design has been well-received and enjoyed by many webmasters due to its effect on beautifying site design and boosting social interaction. Have you ever tried to embed a Facebook-type timeline to your WP site but failed just by the thought of changing the current theme?

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of WordPress themes that come with Facebook timelines by default, but you can still showcase a timeline style without altering your theme. At this place, we would like to demonstrate how it is easy to add a Facebook timeline so as to follow and record your progress on business, daily life or anything else. Note that, we will take advantage of a handy plugin named as Timeline Ultimate in the following parts.

What Is Timeline Ultimate?

Out of numerous WordPress timeline plugins, Timeline Ultimate has been widely-used for its mobile-ready and fully-responsive Facebook timeline for WordPress. More than that, this simple plugin has been tested and optimized for better performance with a bunch of useful features added. To name a few, it supports various timeline post title font size and colour as well as life-time free update.

When it comes down to the system requirement, Timeline Ultimate requires WordPress 3.8v and is fully compatible to the 4.0 version. Pay attention that this WP plugin includes multiple versions and its newest version is 1.2 that can be accessible through the following URL.

Website URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/timeline-ultimate/

What Is Timeline Ultimate

How to Enable Timeline Ultimate in WordPress?

As you may suspect, the first thing you need to do is to install and activate this “Timeline Ultimate” plugin in WordPress. To do that, you can choose to login in the dashboard admin interface and navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New.” Just search this “Timeline Ultimate” plugin and then click on “Install Now” button. Once installed, you will be required to “Activate this plugin” so as to put it into effect.

Installed Plugins Page

Also, it is possible to enable this plugin within the cPanel “File Manager”, which requires you to deal with your theme’s files. Whichever approach you decide to use eventually, you are sure to find out this “Timeline Ultimate” plugin on the above “Installed Plugins” page.

How to Modify this Plugin?

If everything goes right as expected, there will be a “Timeline Ultimate” menu in the admin bar of your WordPress dashboard. As is implied in the following screenshot, you should head over to “Timeline Ultimate” > “New Timeline Ultimate” to get started with this plugin.

Enter New Timeline Ultimate

Upon entering this section, you should be required to fill out a timeline title based on your indulgences. After that, you are able to notice the “Timeline Ultimate Options” as follows. It is obvious that there are three editing tabs designed to personalize timeline style, including “Options”, “Style” and “Content.” In the following, we would like to explain each of these tabs one by one.

Timeline Ultimate Tabs

Timeline Options

As you can see, you will need to decide how many posts will be displayed on your site according to your requirement. In the meantime, you should specify the “Thumbnail Size” in the drop-down list that includes four selectable options, including “Thumbnail”, “Medium”, “Large” and “Full.”

Timeline Ultimate Options

And then, you can also modify the “Thumbnail max height” that should be numbered with pixel. More importantly, you have the right to decide whether display timeline date, categories and author to suit your own needs.

Timeline Style

In the “Style” tab, you will notice default styling options like “Themes.” Besides that, you are allowed to select “Background Image” for your website or left it blank. Below that, you can also choose and change the colors for the middle-circle background and middle-line background by dragging the wheel in the following color bar.

Timeline Style

As is displayed, you have the ability to define the colors and font size for post title and content, and it all depends on how you develop your website.

Timeline Colours

Timeline Content

Having done with those above-mentioned style options, you should go to the “Content tab” to adjust content settings. Firstly, you are empowered to display full post content or excerpt. At the same time, this “Timeline Ultimate” plugin supports a wide variety of post types, including post, page, attachment, revision and nav_menu_item, etc. As a matter of course, this plugin also gives full support for custom post types.

Timeline Content

More than that, you will be able to showcase your posts from lately-published posts, pages, categories, custom taxonomies, featured posts, etc. By the way, it is possible to “Filter Content” from monthly or yearly archive page. If needed, you can try to seek out professional help and get more premium features in the last “Help & Upgrade” tab.

Important to Note: If you are quite content with what has been done above, you will need to make a hit on “Publish” button to get your timeline ready to use. However, it is highly recommendable to “Preview” all your previously-made settings to make sure that this timeline will work right as expected.

Publish & Preview Timeline

How to Embed Timeline in Posts/Pages?

Whether you have published your timeline or not, you will get a line of shortcode applied to any post or page where you want to embed a timeline. In the meantime, you can also see a unique PHP code that needs to be put in your “Template” file.

Timeline Shortcode

If completed, you will be able to visit your WordPress site where there is a Facebook-type timeline. Note that, you are allowed to setup multiple timelines and use them anywhere on your website.

Other Available Alternatives

It may happen that the introduced “Timeline Ultimate” plugin is not your cup of tea. If so, we have some eye-catching alternatives for you to choose from. Note that, all of the following plugins are available at wordpress.org.

  • Timeline Pro – It allows you to build a pure CSS & HTML-based timeline style for your WordPress site. Built on short-codes, this lightweight plugin makes it much easier to create and manage multiple post types through its easy-to-use admin settings panel.
  • Timeline Express – It allows you to setup an attractive vertical animated timeline of posts without having to cope with a single line of code. Additionally, this popular plugin would automatically populate any of your ‘announcement’ posts in chronological order, on the basis of ‘announcement’ date.
  • Vina Timeline Widget – It allows you to display serial content so as to deliver more information to readers and visitors. Furthermore, this multi-functional plugin would give more life to your boring timelines by adding many interesting things, such as horizontal and vertical layouts as well as specified parameters for transparency, speed, etc.


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