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Why and How to Add Facebook Messenger in WordPress

Why and How to Add Facebook Messenger in WordPress

Facebook Messenger, originally developed in 2008 as the Facebook Chat, is a special instant message service. With it, you can send messages, react to others’ messages, exchange videos, photos and many more with much ease. This is a standalone Facebook app that is separated from the main Facebook application, supporting the video and voice calling. Since the separation, Facebook Messenger has 600 million active users in 2015, exceeding to 900 million in 2016, 1 billion in 2016 and 1.2 billion in April 2017. Due to its popularity and wide usage, now, we’d like to introduce you why and how to add Facebook messenger in WordPress.

Why You Need the Facebook Messenger Application

Only uploading the web content is not enough to run a truly successful online platform. This kind of one-side communication is not an effective method any more. Instead, you need to talk to your readers directly, listening from them, answering their questions and collecting their feedbacks. For this purpose, the in-site chatting or messaging system is really important.

While Facebook is everywhere and used by everyone, we prefer Facebook Messenger instead of the common WordPress chat room. Surely, the chat room or the chat box is useful, with which you can talk with your visitors directly from the website. However, this option works for the current website manager, but not you. For instance, if you have some support staffs, all of them can leverage the chat system to provide the support service. Facebook Messenger, however, is totally different. It works based on Facebook accounts. In this case, once you connect your readers using it, you are in their contacts, on their phone list or even become a part of their daily lives.

In addition, Facebook Messenger has been developed as the smartphone application that works for both iOS and Android system since August 2011.

Facebook Messenger

How to Add Facebook Messenger in WordPress

Unlike many other Facebook apps that give you the native ways to add to your WordPress site, Facebook Messenger requires you to make use of the related plugins.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Download & More Info

This is an easy plugin that allows you to support your readers using the default Facebook live chat system by starting the conversation on your site directly. It is free to use and ensures the great convenience, along with the permanent chat history for both you and your readers.

Upon the installation, you should click the newly added tab of FB Live Chat. Here, you can register your website with this special plugin. Just hit the Start Using Your New Tools Now button.

Start Using Your New Tools Now

In the next page, you are required to configure your tools for many aspects.

Configure Your Tools

Now, there is a windows appearing that showcases tons of options for you to decide. For instance, you can customize your tab using text, images, buttons or icons, along their exclusive settings; decide the display rules of who and where to show the chat box, the showcase frequency, the minimum screen size, the geographically display target, the active time and the expire time.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat Settings

After finishing your wanted settings, you need to enter the Fan page of your Facebook account. Also, you should choose to open the Facebook Messenger chat box on your website or on a new browser window.

Facebook Fanpage URL

Lastly, you just need to click the SAVE button and everything is done. Your visitors can find a Sent Us A Message box in the right bottom of your page. They just need to click that box and send you message to talk to you easily.

Facebook Messenger Chat Box

Facebook Messenger for WordPress

Download & More Info

This is another user-friendly plugin that allows your readers to start the live conversation with you through the Facebook Messenger. As compared with the first plugin option, this one lacks much more customization and configuration possibilities. However, if you have fewer requirements, this plugin is good for you due to the simplicity.

Upon the installation, you can click the FB Messenger button from the Settings tab in the admin panel. Here, you should finish the following settings.

  • Enter your Facebook page URL. Note that this plugin does not accept Groups and Profiles.
  • Decide to show the timeline tab or the events tab.
  • Choose the display language.
  • Show or hide the Chat Now button, along with display position – right side or left side.
  • Upload your custom chat button icon if you want.
  • Discreet the “powered by” link or not.

Facebook Messenger for WordPress Settings

After saving these settings, the chat box can appear automatically.


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