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How to Add Facebook Follow Button in WordPress

How to Add Facebook Follow Button in WordPress

As one of the most widely-used social networking platforms, Facebook now has more than 1.23 billion users who are active on this platform every month. Due to this tremendous popularity, more and more webmasters have joined in this large group with the aim of website marketing. To inform site visitors about this fact, almost all of these website owners have integrated some Facebook symbols on their sites, among which the like button and the follow button are the most popular and common ones.

We have already shown you how to add the Facebook like button on the WordPress site. And in the following, we’d like to tell you the detailed steps of showcasing a Facebook follow button.

Two Situations

Before creating and adding the button, you need to realize a fact that you can add the follow button for both your website and the content authors.

facebook follow button

  • For the website – This only fits the situation that you have created a separate Facebook account for your website. Thus, followers can subscribe to the public updates of this site easily. Note that you’d better locate this button at a prominent place of the homepage.
  • For the author – Generally, some large and professional websites like WhatsWP.com has multiple content contributors, coming with different writing styles and specialized areas. If you create the button for all of these authors, then readers can choose their favorite writer to follow.

Create a Facebook Follow Button

It is very easy to create this button. You only need to go this Facebook plugin page and sign in with your account, then you can start the creation immediately.

Firstly, you need to offer your profile URL. Many people are not sure what this URL is. In fact, it is very simply to figure out. Simply go to the homepage of your Facebook and click your profile image or the button of profile edit in the left corner of the whole screen. Then, the URL displayed in the address bar of this profile page is definitely what you need.

create follow button

Now, you can see a draft button in the following. If you are not satisfied with the overall appearance, simply customize it. You can decide the width, height, color scheme, layout style directly from this webpage.

After finishing the button customization, you can click the Get Code button to get your exclusive plugin code with multiple kinds of HTML 5, XFBML, IFRAME, and URL.

button code

Add the Button for Website

Now, you can paste the code into widget or page. For widget, simply go to WordPress dashboard < Appearance < Widget. Then, after drag and drop a text widget into an appropriate place within the sidebar, you can put these lines of code into the blank space. For webpages, it is even easier. You only need to open the hearder.php from your theme directory, and then paste the code at once.

Add the Button for Authors

In the very beginning, you need to install and activate a WordPress plugin named as Facebook, which helps you achieve all the Facebook functionalities with ease. It will add a Facebook menu item in your dashboard sidebar automatically. After clicking this item, you can be redirected to the general setting page. Now, go to the follow button option to choose the button position, color, layout, placement, and many more. Then, back to the main setting page and choose Social Publisher settings.

social publisher setting

After clicking the link of “Associate your WordPress account with a Facebook account”, you can see a new window that requires you to add some information to achieve a connection between your account and this website. After receiving your permission, this plugin can help to display a follow button for you – the website author.


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