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How to Add a Donation Page in WordPress

How to Add a Donation Page in WordPress

Due to the great flexibility, WordPress is a popular option for people to set up some charity or the non-profit online platforms. From it, people can donate the money or raise the fund for any project displayed on your site. In addition, many WordPress plugin or theme developers also showcase a donate section to encourage people for project donation. In the following, we are going to tell you how to add a donation page in WordPress.

In fact, most webmasters choose to add a donation button on their WordPress sites to achieve the purpose of raising fund. However, if you are looking for the more professional donation encouragement with a particular webpage, you can check the following.

Install and Set Up the Gravity Forms Plugin

This time, we highly recommend you to use the Gravity Forms plugin for the creation of your donation page. Initially, this special plugin is used to generate the advanced forms for the WordPress site. But due to its tight integration with the PayPal payment, you can use it to make a special donate form on your donation page.

Here, you need to download it from the official site. And then, you should click the Plugins > Add New button to upload the ZIP file to your WordPress site for the proper installation. After that, you can find a new tab of Forms added successfully. In addition to this plugin, you also need to install the plugin add-on of PayPal by hitting the Forms > Add-ons button.

Now, you need to click the Forms > Settings button to make some basic configurations listed as below.

  • Enter the support license key that you have got when you register for getting this plugin.
  • Decide to output the default CSS and HTML5 of this plugin or not.
  • Turn on or turn off the no-conflict mood.
  • Choose the default currency for donation.
  • Enable the background plugin updates and showcase the toolbar menu on the top of the WordPress admin.
  • Activate the reCAPTCHA settings.

Gravity Form Settings

Enable the PayPal Function

Now, you should set up some settings to enable the PayPal function on this plugin. As you have already installed the PayPal add-on, you can click the PayPal button from the plugin settings page. This time, you can see the following screen that requires you to enable the IPN of your PayPal account.

PayPal Settings

Here, you can click the link of the IPN settings page displayed on this screen. Note that if the IPN is already activated, you can click the confirmation box in below directly. If not, you should finish the following steps.

  • Click the button of Choose IPN Settings.
  • Check the Enabled box for the IPN.
  • Copy and paste the notification link displayed on the PayPal settings screen.

IPN Settings

This way, your PayPal account is integrated with this plugin and your WordPress site.

Generate the Special Donation Form

Now, all the preparatory works are done already. The next step is to create the donation form by clicking the Forms > New Form button. Here, you firstly should give this form a name and some descriptive words. After that, you can hit the Create Form button.

Create Form

Next, you should add some form fields you prefer. Here, for the donation form, you do not need to add too many fields. In our example, we only add three options – name, email address and feedback.

Form Fields

Here, we think only the email address can be mentioned as the required option. This way, you can send people the confirmation or the receipt for their donation. To make it a required one, you only need to hover the mouse on it and make a simple hit. Here, in the general settings part of this field, you can set its rules to the option of Required.

Required Rule

Once finished, you can save the form.

Enable PayPal Payment for Donation

Now, you should enable the payment details to this form. Here, you can focus on the Pricing Fields part from the right-hand column. Among all the available options, you can choose the Product option.

Pricing Fields

Next, you should edit this field with the following steps by clicking it. Here, you can make this field the required one.

  • The default field name is Product Name. Here, you can choose it to Donate.
  • Choose the Radio Buttons as the field type.
  • Add the choices for this field, such as the suggest amount of money for donation.
  • Set the value of the last choice to $0, along with the label of Other Amount. This way, people can enter their wanted donation amount freely.

Fields Type

Next, you should add another Product field for people who choose the Other Amount option. Here, the label name can be Others and the type should be the option of User Defined Price.

User Defined Price

After that, you should click the Advanced tab to enable the conditional logic. Thus, this special field will only appear when people choose the option of Other Amount for the previous Donation field, but not the predetermined donation amount.

Conditional Logic

In the front-end, what people see is just like the following.

Other Donate Amount

Now, you can save this form.

Publish the Donation Page and Add the Donation Form

The next step is to create and publish a special donation page. You can enter some words on it to explain why you hope people donate to you. In addition, we highly recommend you to add this page to your main navigation so that people can donate to you easily.

Then, you can edit this page and click the Add Form button in the editing screen. Here, you can pick up your previously created donation form and hit the Insert Form button.

After updating your donation page, it can look like as the below demo.

Donate Page Demo


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