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How to Add a Countdown Widget in WordPress

How to Add a Countdown Widget in WordPress

Have you ever encountered some cases when you need to add a countdown widget on your current site? For whatever your answer is, there are a mounting number of people inserting countdown clock or timer for various purposes, such as birthday, graduation, wedding, party or interview, etc. At this place, we would like to explain how to add and use a countdown widget in WordPress step by step, which is one hundred percent easy-to-understand even for newbies.

In short, a countdown widget, as one of the WordPress sidebar plugins, is a cool-looking countdown timer to your business or blog sites. By using this kind of plugin, you don’t need to add a single line of scripting code to put it on your sites. Here, having reviewed numerous countdown WordPress plugins, we would like to take the most fruitful “Uji Countdown” for example in below. Further down and get to know the details.

How to Add a Countdown Widget

In general, to add a countdown widget in WordPress is the same as to install other plugins, which is simple and easy-to-operate. To get it started, you only need to install and activate it. Now, let’s see more details in below.

First of all, log in the dashboard of WordPress and enter the “Plugins” section to “Add New” plugins. Once done, you can notice that there are tens of WordPress plugins you all need to succeed online. Back to the topic, you need to search the “Uji Countdown” plugin in the right blank bar.

Countdown Widget - Add New Plugin

Next, click “Install Now” and wait a moment until the whole installation is complete.

Countdown Widget - Install Now

If everything goes right, you can go back to the “Installed Plugins” to check and activate the Uji Countdown plugin by clicking “Activate” button.

Countdown Widget - Activate Plugin

Next, make a hit on “Settings” option and enter the editing page of this countdown plugin. By the way, if you happen to dislike the current one, you can choose the “Deactivate” option to uninstall it. Enter the “Add/Edit Countdown” section, you need to fill in the “Timer Title”, “Google Font” and the main format of your countdown timer as follows.

Countdown Widget - Add & Edit Countdown

Scroll down and choose the favourite colours for both countdown box and post text. In the meantime, you are allowed to decide the size of label and preview your countdown style in the bottom of this editing page. Having done those mentioned steps, you need to click the “Save Style” button to save changes.

Countdown Widget - Countdown Style

And then, you will be notified that your countdown timer has been successfully created. And in the “My Countdowns” area, you can take an overall look at the created countdown style. Till this step, you have successfully added a countdown widget already.

Countdown Widget - Countdowns

How to Use a Countdown Widget

To use or run a countdown widget, you firstly need to add a new post in the “Add New” section of “Posts”. As is displayed in the following screenshot, you can add a countdown timer by clicking the “Clock” icon in the “Visual” section.

Countdown Widget - Countdown Timer

Then, there comes a pop-up window where you are required to choose the countdown style, the expiry date and time. And you should fill in the redirecting URL after the defined expiry date. At length, you shall click the “Insert Shortcode” option to customize this functionality.

Countdown Widget - Insert Countdown

At last, you will get a string of automatically-generated code like [ujicountdown id=”Happy New Year” expire=”2015/01/01 00:00″ hide=”” url=”http://blog.besthostingsearch.org/”] in the post body. Click the “Preview” button and you will get one clock timer like the following one.

Countdown Widget - Sample Countdown Timer

The Top WordPress Countdown Plugins

As is noted above, you are allowed to change the current countdown timer and replace it with tens of available ones on the official site of wordpress.org. For simplicity and convenience, let’s have a quick and brief look at the top WordPress countdown plugins in below.

  • WordPress Countdown Timer – a widely-acknowledged countdown plugin which displays a countdown timer to any time, day or event.
  • WordPress Countdown Widget – an easy-to-control and fully customizable countdown timer for WP site. It is jQuery powered and supports multiple instances and colour customizations.
  • KB Countdown Widget – is a multi-functional WP countdown plugin which can be used as a widget in your post and template. It is easy to localize and uses standard tags which includes PERCENT-DONE, TIME-UNTIL, TIME-SINCE, etc.

Recommendable WordPress Hosting Options

To sum up, we have introduced how to add and use a countdown widget in WordPress by taking the “Uji Countdown” plugin as example. Objectively speaking, the entire process is not difficult even for non-technical people. However, it is still of great importance to have a powerful and responsible WordPress hosting service provider to make your career take off. In this case, we have the following recommendable alternatives for you.


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