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Why and How to Add "Click to Tweet" Quote Boxes in WordPress?

Why and How to Add “Click to Tweet” Quote Boxes in WordPress?

It is not surprising that you and other bloggers have added Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media sharing buttons to your WordPress site. However, have you ever heard about the “Click to Tweet” concept? If so, do you know how to add “Click to Tweet” quote boxes to your site?

In this beginners’ guide, we will briefly introduce what are “Click to Tweet” quote boxes as well as their benefits. In the next, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you embed these boxes to your blog posts.

What Are “Click to Tweet” Quote Boxes?

Frankly speaking, a “Click to Tweet” quote box equals to a link plus a pre-set message. It is usually added to highlight a certain phrase, sentence, or paragraph of a post that you think readers would like to share on Twitter. In the quote boxes, you can add hashtags, links back to your blog posts or anywhere you want to show the readers, and more.

Once a quote box is embedded, it will redirect readers who land on the links to the Twitter page. In this case, these visitors are able to reshare the selected part of your post across their Twitter feeds.

Reshare Post on Twitter

Why the Click to Tweet Quote Strategy Is so Popular?

Over the Internet, many personal and enterprise-level webmasters are using the “Click to Tweet” quote boxes whenever they are writing some cool sentences. Wondering why this strategy is so popular? Scroll down to check for more detailed illustrations.

In general, adding “Click to Tweet” quote boxes is a good way to increase blog readership and traffic. This strategy creates a strong call for users’ actions, making them more likely to share a special quote via their Twitter channels, which in turn increases your site visibility, boost your number of social shares, and attract more potential followers.

Besides, there are some other benefits that you can gain with these little quotes boxes.

  • Make it super-easy for users to share your post simply by clicking on a handy link.
  • Create some stand-alone contents inside your blog posts.
  • Track the number of clicks and gauge the effectiveness of your Tweet timing.

How to Add “Click to Tweet” Quote Boxes to Your WordPress site?

There are a plenty of plugins that enable you to create tweetable quotes. Among these plugins, our editors have selected the most popular one, that is, Click to Tweet by Todaymade. Check the following steps to see how the plugin is used.

Step 1 – Initialize the Click to Tweet plugin

As ever, the thing you need to do in the very beginning is initializing this Click to Tweet plugin. Since it is free to use, you can directly download it from the WordPress plugin directory. Just navigate to “Add New” > “Plugins” on the sidebar of your dashboard, search for this plugin, click on the “Install Now” button next to the first item listed in the results, and then activate it.

Initialize the Click to Tweet Plugin

Step 2 – Enter your Twitter handle

Once you have activated the plugin, you can see a newly added item – “Click to Tweet” in the “Settings” menu. Head over to this item and you will jump to the plugin configuration page.

Plugin Configuration Page

As the screen capture above shows, the only setting required is entering your Twitter handle or say your username without the @symbol. This piece of information will be added to the “Click to Tweet” boxes that you are going to create in your posts, making sure that when your quotes are tweeted, you receive a notification message.

After you are done with this configuration, remember to hit the “Save Changes” button to make it work alright.

Step 3 – Create “Click to Tweet” quote boxes in blog posts

The next thing to do is creating “Click to Tweet” quote boxes in your posts, which is quite easy and fast with the help of this plugin. You can get started by adding a new post or editing an existing one.

Displayed in the following image, this plugin adds a light blue Twitter icon to your editing toolbar, which can be seen in the visual mode of your WordPress editor. Then, all you need to do is spotting a place in the post to put a lovely “Click to Tweet” quote box.

Blue Twitter Icon

After you have made up your mind, click on this little icon, and you will see a popup dialog box. In this box, enter the text that you desire to be tweeted. Also, you can add any other things you want to share with your readers. Select “Ok” to complete this operation.

Enter the Text

Then the message will be inserted as a shortcode. If needed, you can make further modification to this tweet message. If not, save or update the post to store your settings.

Tweet Message in Shortcode Form

Step 4 – Preview and troubleshoot the “Click to Tweet” quote boxes

The last but not the least step is to check whether your “Click to Tweet” quote boxes are working alright. By previewing the post that you have edited, you can see the quote boxes in action.

Quote Boxes in Action

Click on the text link or the handy link on the lower right corner of the box. Then, you will be redirected to the Twitter page and see the following tweet box. Carefully check whether the message is displayed correctly. If yes, congratulations, you are done with the whole process. Now, you can expect to get more attention from this popular social network.

Tweet Box


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