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How to Add Click to Load Button for GIF in WordPress

How to Add Click to Load Button for GIF in WordPress

The graphical component is essential for any website. With it, you can better express your thoughts, beautify the content display, enrich the web content, alleviate the reader eye-strain and many more. In this case, WordPress supports almost all the image types to ensure the best showcase. The common image types are PNG and JPG. However, the most animated and attractive one is the GIF image type. And this time, we’d like to introduce how to add Click to Load button for GIFs in WordPress.

In fact, by default, WordPress will not showcase the animated GIF images. When you upload the image file to your media uploader, there are three file copies to be created with different size. And WordPress will only keep the first copy of the GIF files so this kind of image will lose the animated feature. To display the animated GIFs, you should configure the file attachment display settings to choose the Full Size option for the Size tab. However, this means you are showing the larger image than your regular pictures. The automatic display can greatly influence your page loading speed and the overall performance. In this case, you truly need a special Click to Load button for all your GIF images. This indicates that the GIFs will load only when people want to see and click the play button. Here, if you do not mind the bad influence of user experience, you can also consider the utilization of lazy loading.

Add Click to Load Button for GIF in WordPress

To add this special button to your WordPress GIF images, you can make use of the WP GIF Player plugin. This plugin can effectively prevent the GIF files from loading on the page loads, so as to boost the loading speed of your website effectively. And also, it will add the play button on all your animated GIF images, with which your readers can do the play and do the stop for your images. Frankly speaking, loading the GIF images on the demand of your readers can give them the best reading experience and will not negatively affect your page loading. In addition, you can showcase the preview of the GIF images automatically.

Note that this plugin can work out of the box. In this case, there are no settings needed to be decided. Instead, you can directly enter the screen editing page of your target article and click the Add GIF button. Here, you need to transfer to the Visual Editor but not the Text Editor.

Add GIF Button

Now, it will bring you to the media uploader popup so you can upload the GIF images you want. In this case, you simply need to pick up one and upload it just like you do it for your common images. After that, the image shortcode can be entered with the image ID and width. And you just need to update or publish the content.

WP GIF Player Shortcode

This way, you can find that on all your GIF images, there is a special button labeled GIF available. After clicking that button, the image can showcase with the animation automatically.

WP GIF Player


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