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How to Add Business Hours to Your WordPress Site?

How to Add Business Hours to Your WordPress Site?

Business hours, as the name suggests, refer to the hours during a day in which business is usually conducted. For almost every site dealing in business, it is beneficial to display the business hours, making the office timed and helping users schedule their visits accordingly.

In this beginners’ guide, we will introduce a simple method, that is, utilizing the Business Opening Hours plugin to help you add business hours to the WordPress site of your own. The plugin is finely designed to give a stylish look to your site. Check the following sections to see how it is used.

Install the Business Opening Hours Plugin

Above all, you need to install the Business Opening Hours plugin. If you are confused with the process or have encountered any questions, refer to our step-by-step guide on WordPress plugin installation.

Install the Plugin

Change the Plugin Settings

After finishing the first operation, you can see a new item – “Business Hours” on the sidebar menu of the dashboard. Click on it to enter the plugin settings page.

Then, you can get started by selecting a timezone and time format for your business hours. Shown in the following screen capture, the plugin offers two time formats for you to choose, including 12 hours and 24 hours.

Plugin Settings

Below the timezone and format sections, you can begin to specify the office hours for each day. Simply move the mouse to each time field and click on it, you will see a dropdown menu, from which you can choose the time according to your actual needs. If your business is closed on a certain day, select “Close” for the corresponding field or enter a text that best suits your preference.

As the following image shows, the plugin also provides a few options to further style the business hours. You can change the background color as well as the font color to for highlighting the current day if there is a need.

Highligth the Current Day

Once your are done with the configuration process, do not forget to hit the “Save Changes” button in the footer of the page to enable all the settings.

Display Business Hours in WordPress

When the above operations are done, the next thing you need to do is displaying business hours on your WordPress site. In total, the plugin comes with two options for you to do this. Scroll down to check for more detailed explanations.

Option 1 – Display business hours in posts and pages with the shortcode

As you may notice in the plugin settings page, there is a section named as “Generated Shortcode” right below the “Highlight Current Day” section. By copying and pasting the shortcode here, you can display the business hours to any posts or pages with ease.

Simply open an existing post or create a new one and paste the code into the text area. Then, you can update (or publish) the post and see the business hours functioning on your site as below.

Business Hours Functioning in Posts

Option 2- Show business hours using the widget

Besides using the shortcode to embed the business hours to posts and pages, the plugin also allows you to show the business hours on the sidebar menu of your WordPress site with a widget.

Firstly, navigate to the “Appearance” > “Widgets” item on your dashboard. Then, drag and drop the “Business Opening Hours” widget to the “Blog Sidebar” section. Define the widget title and remember to click on the “Save” button to make it work alright.

Drag the Business Hours Widget

In the final, you can visit your site to see the business hours in action.

Business Hours in Action


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