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How to Add Audio Files to Images in WordPress

How to Add Audio Files to Images in WordPress

WordPress sites are in support for adding audio files to images, which is often ignored by most beginners. On one hand, audio files can give another dimension to your images thanks to sounds, music or voice-over. On the other hand, they are better for SEO than texts.

Having learned that, do you have the desire to follow our guide on how to make it? The whole procedure is divided into three parts, which will only cost you a little time.

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin: Audio Story Images

Because there is no media player that can play audio files in WordPress, a third party platform like Audio Story Images is needed as a media player in WordPress.

Audio Story Images is a simple plugin, allowing you to link images into audio files through Media Library. You can search for it at the pool of plugins with Plugins > Add New. After that, make sure that you have installed and activated this plugin, which has a direct influence on our follow-up steps.

Add Audio Files to Images in WordPress with Audio Story Images

Step2: Attach an Image with an Audio File

In this part, you should upload your image and an audio file in a supported type (.mp3, .mp4, .ogg, or .wav) to your blog with the Media > Add New button at first. Because .mp3 can be supported on many modern devices, it is the most frequently used audio format and always recommended by us.

Upload Images and Audio Files

Thereafter, you can move to Media Library to check whether your ideal image and audio file are included. Next, you need to operate on the image you just uploaded. In the list of Audio Story, a box will be popped up on the interface when you click the button Attach.

Attach Images to Audio Files

After opted for the audio file, do not forget to click on the Select button to finish your configuration. In this way, you have linked an image into an audio file through Media Library.

Select Audio Files

You can check the link between the image and the audio file on Audio Story Column. One of the signs is that the Attach button has turned into Detach.

Detach Button

Step 3: Add the Image to a WordPress Post

Since the link has been created, how does it work in a WordPress post? On the post editing page, what you need to do is to click on the Add Media button.

Then you can see the image, which was just linked to the audio file on the popup. Select the image and insert it to your post.

Insert Image

Previewing the post, you will see the image with a little play icon at top left. Once you click the little icon, you will hear the audio file. If you are unsatisfied, you can continue editing before publishing your post.

Play Icon

We hope this article can help you learn how to add audio files to images in WordPress posts. If you have more questions for the operations in WordPress, you can have references to our other tutorials, for example, how to configure and customize WordPress audio player with ease.


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