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How to Add Animated GIFs Properly in WordPress

How to Add Animated GIFs Properly in WordPress

GIF, a bitmap image format, has already come into widespread usage on the Internet due to the close interaction with visitors. Twitter is a typical example who allows users to embed GIFs to better express their ideas. When you want to follow the trend, you may fall into a trouble that your GIFs are displayed as a static image on your WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to add animated GIFs properly in WordPress.

At the beginning, however, it is necessary for you to think twice because you cannot ignore the demerit. It is true that you can spread your words with animated GIFs, but you will slow down your website at the same time. The reason lies in that GIFs which are normally larger in file size are more resource-intensive than other image documents. However, it does not matter if a quality server is at your service.

Problem with Animated GIFs

WordPress allows you to add image files with media uploader. It will create three copies for image files in different sizes. GIFs will lose their activities because the WordPress media uploader just keeps the first copy of your GIFs. That is to say, your GIFs will appear static without activity when you add them to your post.

Add Animated GIFs in WordPress Properly

A question may come to your mind that how to add animated GIFs in a proper way. The key step is to select the file size as “Full Size” when the files are uploaded so that your animated GIFs will work as expected. For your better understanding, we will take a close look at how to get the job done.

The first thing is to click “Add Media” on the page where you have the desire to work with an animated GIF.

Add Media

Then you will be brought into a popup where you can either upload a new animated GIF from your local computer or select an existing one from your Media Library.

Full Size

After uploading a GIF and selecting it, you need to make your GIF full size on the Attachment Display Settings section which is located on the lower right corner. Having inserted the GIF into your post, you can see that the GIF will work properly in the visual post editor.

Note: When WordPress makes duplicates of the GIF, it also saves your original GIF. The full-size format will keep all the frames of your GIF.

Add GIFs from Giphy

To be honest, it is quite time-consuming for you to create a GIF which consists of more than 2 compressed images to make the activity. To save your time and energy, you can rely on the Giphypress plugin which enables you to find animated GIFs from the Giphy database without navigating to other website.

Add Animated GIFs - Giphypress

The first thing is to install this plugin on your WordPress website. How to install a WordPress plugin will not be a problem under the guidance of our professional editors. Then on the left hand side what appears is a button ‘GIPHY GIF Search’, having created a new post/page.

Add Animated GIFs - GIPHY GIF Search

A popup which comes after the button will be available for you to choose from the most recent and trending GIFs.

Add Animated GIFs - GIPHY Popup

Find the one which best meets your needs. When you click on the GIF, it will be displayed in a larger view. At this moment, you have the option to embed the GIF into your post/page.


When you click on the EMBED INTO POST button and update your post/page, your changes can be noticed. Thus we have to say, plugin Giphypress can bring you much convenience to find the satisfying animated GIFs.

Add Animated GIFs - Preview GIF

Wrap Up

By the end of this article, you should have learned how to add animated GIF properly on your WordPress site. In our experience, visitors are more willing to share articles with GIFs in comparison with plain texts. However, a warning is that do not display an excessive number of GIFs. In fact, animated GIFS will have a bad influence on the speed of your website.


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