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A2Hosting VS Site5 - Which Is Better for Hosting WordPress

A2Hosting VS Site5 – Which Is Better for Hosting WordPress

In order to host a WordPress site with a trustworthy web host, you probably take A2Hosting and Site5 as your potential partners when considering their reputation. And both of them offer different kinds of hosting services among which the shared hosting is definitely the proper one to host your site. It is completely enough for you to host a WordPress site by purchasing a cost-effective shared hosting plan.

It seems that you can easily make a decision between the two web hosts, but you may look for more evidence to prove or override your choice. The A2Hosting vs Site5 comparison is able to give you an exact answer that you should go towards A2Hosting. The below rating table provides brief reasons for you. In addition, we will have a further discussion to support our opinion.

Rating A2Hosting Site5
Pricing 4.5 4
Feature 4.5 3
Performance 5 3
Support 4.5 2.5
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A2Hosting VS Site5 – Similarities

Though A2Hosting is the better choice, Site5 also does a good job in some aspects. In a word, the two web hosts share some similarities in the affordable plans, refund policy and hosting reliability.

Affordable Plans

Pricing is often the most sensitive factor when you take a web host into consideration. It is wise for A2Hosting and Site5 to set reasonable prices for the shared hosting plans.

The original prices for the A2Hosting plans (Lite, Swift, and Turbo) start at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo, and $18.99/mo. After a considerable discount, the prices covered with free SSL, SSD and Bing/Yahoo ad credits now are from $3.92/mo, $4.90/mo, and $9.31/mo.

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The original prices for the Site5 plans (hostBasic, hostPro, and hostPro+Turbo) are from $5.95/mo, $10.95/mo, and $13.95/mo. If you place an order with 2-year payment, you will get the best value at $4.95/mo, $8.95/mo, and $11.95/mo.

Good Refund Policy

As a new comer, it is natural for you to care much about your money security. A considerate refund policy enables you to take your first step in trying a new hosting service. For a web host, it shows whether it is confident enough in the products.

Site5 ensures a 45-day full money back guarantee. It is a surprise that A2Hosting not only provides a 30-day refund policy but also an anytime pro-rated one thereafter. Anyway, the two web hosts try to reduce your risk with a considerate refund policy.

Reliable Hosting Environment

Since we have reviewed many web hosts, we deeply know how much you hate about downtime. The two web hosts also have a deep understanding about that, claiming at least 99.9% uptime on their official site. And they finally have achieved the desired uptime thanks to their own efforts.

We easily find that there are some common points for the two web hosts to guarantee a reliable hosting environment. The achievement of uptime is closely related with the quality servers, uninterrupted power supply, multiple network connections, dedicated technicians, and many more. Therefore, we sing high praise for the efforts they have made.

A2Hosting Edges over Site5

However, we recommend A2Hosting due to the edges it has over Site5, such as the faster speed, richer features, and better support. To make things clear, we will take a close look at the edges in the following text.

Faster Sever Speed

As we mentioned before, both of them are able to shape a reliable hosting environment. At this moment, you still have no idea about the speed. It is recorded that A2Hosting performs better than Site5. The below chart is our test for the A2Hosting server response time.

In fact, the outcome well explains the reason why some users complain about the Site5 latencies. For each server request, A2Hosting consumes less than 400ms while Site5 needs over 600ms. The server response time of A2Hosting is much shorter than that of Site5. A2Hosting has invested much in the hosting infrastructure which consists of advanced facilities and cutting-edge technologies. To enhance the performance, A2Hosting provides free services(CDN and SSD drives) and paid ones.

Richer Features

Though A2Hosting and Site5 make the shared hosting budget-friendly, it is necessary for us to look at the features to judge whether the hosting solutions are cost-effective. To present a clear feature comparison, we finally take Lite and hostBasic as an example. The below table best explains A2Hosting is more cost-effective than Site5.

Feature A2Hosting Site5
Plan Lite hostBasic
Website 1 1
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 5 Unlimited
Email Accounts 25 Unlimited
Script Installer Softaculous Softaculous
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
PHP 7.0 Yes No
SSD Yes No
Node.js Yes No
Git Yes No
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Price $3.92/mo $4.95/mo
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Better Technical Support

There some differences which distinguish A2Hosting from Site5 though both of them offer the customer service through the ticket system, phone calls, and live chats. A2Hosting is able to provide better technical support than Site5.

On one hand, A2Hosting is ready to fix your problems whenever you meet problems while Site5 sets time limitation for the phone support. On the other hand, A2Hosting makes a quicker response to the tickets we have sent.

Final Thought – A2Hosting Is Recommended for Hosting WordPress

There is no doubt that A2Hosting is the winner no matter which factors you take into account. A2Hosting can not only provide a good shared hosting package but also guarantee a quality hosting service. Moreover, your money security is protected by the anytime money refund policy.


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