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A2Hosting VS iPage - Which Is Better for Bloggers?

A2Hosting VS iPage – Which Is Better for Bloggers?

Is A2Hosting or iPage better for bloggers? This question is confusing many customers, so we make an in-depth comparison as A2Hosting VS iPage to help them select a right host with ease. In detail, we mainly compare the price, features, performance, reliability and technical between these two companies so that you can have a clearly understanding about the two and easily make a choice.

Overall Rating of A2Hosting and iPage

A2hosting is a reliable hosting company focusing on fast speed and amazing uptime mainly while iPage is an experienced web hosting provider offering rich features for quite affordable price. They are both professional and powerful, but which is better for bloggers? Before comparing them in every aspect, we view their overall introductions at first.

Rating A2Hosting iPage
Feature rating 4.5 rating 4.5
Price rating 4 rating 4.5
Performance rating 4.5 rating 4
Reliability rating 4.5 rating 4
Support rating 5.0 rating 5
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As the above table shows, A2Hosting and iPage are both reputable in the field, earning higher rankings on every aspects. Especially, A2Hosting also gets a good customer satisfaction rate in the field. In below, we compare A2Hosting to iPage comprehensively to find which is the better.

Price & Features

Price is always one of the most important factors when choosing a suitable web hosting. However, it’s not the cheaper the better, but the higher value for money the better. A2Hosting and iPage both provide affordable hosting services. Starting at $3.92/mo, A2Hosting is 51% off the regular price of 1-year billing for customers going through the promotional link.

2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Additionally, it offer 34% discount for 2/3 years billing cycles, provides optional SSD service for $3/mo, and supports monthly billing cycle for $10.99/mo, which is a little bit expensive but suitable for customers who have limited budgets.

On the other hand, iPage also announces cheap price starting at $1.99/mo only. However, you should note that this cheap price is only valid for the first year, and then it continues for regular rates for customers going through this promotional link.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

From the analysis above, both A2Hosting and iPage shared WordPress hosting services are budget-friendly. In this case, both individuals and businesses can feel free to buy their plans and start building their online presence.

Besides the cheap price, two companies both provide rich features, such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited email addresses and unlimited MySQL databases, etc. You can check out the detailed features in the below table, which shows both A2Hosting and iPage are cost effective options.

Feature A2Hosting iPage
Control Panel cPanel vDeck
1-click Installer yes yes
PHP & MySQL Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes no
Security Suite No yes
CloudFlare CDN Yes no
Shared SSL Certificate Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
Free credits $50 $175
Promotional Price $3.92/mo $1.99/mo

Money Back Guarantee

As we’ve mentioned before, both of the two companies include a 30-day money back guarantee within their hosting packages. Within the specified period, users who are not sufficiently satisfied with A2Hosting and iPage shared WordPress hosting services can send a cancellation request and ask a full refund on their hosting plan fees.

What’s more, the two hosts issue a pro-rated refund for users desiring to terminate their contracts after the first thirty days of their subscriptions to make their purchase totally hassle-free.

Uptime & Speed

Performance cannot be ignored when choosing a right web hosting solution. After all, high-performance websites often come with good search engine rankings as well as friendly user experience. That’s why many reputable web hosts, including the two companies we are discussing here, have made constant efforts to ensure their customers worldwide with optimized hosting performance.

A2Hosting has 2 SSAW16 certified data centers located in Southfield, Michigan (USA) and Reykjavik, Iceland (Europe) so that customers have the ability to choose the server based on their own locations. Besides, with the robust facilities such as solid state drives and 10 GB/s redundant network, A2Hosting keeps the hosting sites up to 300$ faster than commons.

Backed by these top-notch facilities, it is sure that A2Hosting can fulfill its official 99.9% uptime guarantee. On the basis of our monitoring in the real world, the company has achieved 99.99% uptime on average during the last month, which is fairly terrific in the whole community.

On the other side, iPage untilizes multiple data centers along with high-performance facilities to ensure an reliable and fast hosting environment. Also, to ensure the security of users’ data, the company adopts 24×7 on-site guards, interior and exterior closed-circuit television, and many other advanced measures.

By our monitoring, iPage also performs well from the perspective of hosting reliability. As you can check from the chart below, it has delivered an average of 99.95% uptime in the last thirty days, which is slightly inferior to that of A2Hosting yet superior than most other competitors.

When it comes to the aspect of page loading speed, A2Hosting performance is still more excellent than that of iPage. Presented as below, the former company consumes 397ms only for answering to a server request while that latter takes up to 559ms on average.

From the illustrations and statistics above, it is clear that both of the two WordPress hosting providers can ensure excllellent uptime and fast page loading speed. However, A2Hosting wins over its rival slightly for guaranteeing up to 99.99% uptime and delivering the contents of users’ websites with swift speed.

Technical Support

A2Hosting and iPage both are professional web hosting providers who understand customers’ requirements clearly. They provide 24×7 US based technical support to help customers via phone, live chat and email. Besides, they also include online support center so that customers can solve problems by themselves watching video tutorials, discussing in forums, reading blogs, etc.

Community Reputation

With years of development, both companies have established a large user base across the world and earned themselves a terrific reputation in the whole WordPreee hosting community. As we received 99 A2Hosting reviews from verified customers, nearly 100% customers are satisfied with its reliability, control panel, and support. Check out the detailed information as the following chart.

Conclusion – Both Are Recommended

From the thorough A2Hosting vs iPage comparison, both companies offer budget-friendly and feature-rich hosting plans for you to choose. Also they guarantee 24×7 responsive technical supports to help you address and solve any problems that you may encounter.

Under this circumstance, we personally think the two companies are ideal choices for users who want to find a quality WordPress web host at a small budget. Therefore, you can choose iPage to start your hosting journey with only $1.99/mo for the first year to sign up A2Hosting to enjoy its 99.99% uptime and blazing-fast page loading speed.


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