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A2Hosting vs HostPapa - Green Hosting Comparison

A2Hosting vs HostPapa – Green Hosting Comparison

A2Hosting vs HostPapa is a comparison whose editors maintain neutrality between the two web hosts. The final destination is to help our readers find a right direction towards successful online presence. Though their efforts to go green deserve attention, it also matters on their service quality. An important thing is to make the survey as comprehensive as possible. Since it is a time-consuming task, our editors help readers who hang between HostPapa and A2Hosting get rid of the complicated task.

From the beginning, there is a need to look largely at our focuses. The comparison is going to discuss their price, feature, uptime, speed, and support, which is according to our more than 10 years reviewing experience. During the process, we also value the words from their real users. BestHostingSearch.org is a place where they can reflect the situation to us. The gathered information is made into an overall rating table which delivers a general idea.

Rating A2Hosting HostPapa
Price 5 4.5
Feature 4.5 4
Performance 4.5 3
Support 4.5 4
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A2Hosting vs HostPapa on Price

Aside from various hosting services, multiple hosting options are given to meet different needs. In most cases, shared hosting is more welcome by webmasters. Thus it is selected for the detailed comparison between the two web hosts. The reason also applies to the feature aspect.

Price is not a significant difference between A2Hosting and HostPapa. After a collection of their pricing information, we come to a conclusion that their prices are both reasonable and affordable. Lite plan (A2Hosting) and Starter plan (HostPapa) are the best examples to show their budget-friendliness. They are priced from $3.92/mo and $3.95/mo respectively. A2Hosting satisfies users who want to send the payment monthly.

Hosting Charges A2Hosting HostPapa
Plan in Review Lite Starter
Billed Triennially $3.92/mo $3.95/mo
Billed Biennially $3.92/mo $4.95/mo
Billed Annually $4.41/mo $5.95/mo
Billed Monthly $4.90/mo
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A2Hosting vs HostPapa on Feature

Each web host has its own advantages and disadvantages, when it comes to specific feature offerings. At the similar pricing level, HostPapa provides more hosted domains, email accounts, databases, 1-year free domain, and ad credits. A2Hosting is more superior to HostPapa on the offerings of unlimited disk space, anytime refund policy, and SSH access.

cPanel control panel is included on their feature list. With the integration of 1-click installer, it gives users an easy way to start a desired website. For example, a WordPress website can be created within minutes. Users have no need to be expertise in coding skills.

Feature Information A2Hosting HostPapa
Plan in Review Lite Starter
Free Domain 0 1
Hosted Domains 1 2
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB
Email Accounts 25 100
Databases 5 10
Ad Credits $50 $200
PHP 5.3 to 7.1 5.6/7.0
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Refund Policy Anytime 30 Days
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Site Builder Yes Yes
SSH Yes No
SSL Yes Yes
CDN Yes Yes
Renewal Price $7.99/mo $7.99/mo
Special Offer $3.92/mo $3.95/mo
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A2Hosting vs HostPapa on Uptime

Nothing is more important to smoothing the flow of website content. This is what a web host should be responsible for their hosted websites. As tested by a monitoring tool, A2Hosting doesn’t violate the 99.9% uptime guarantee while HostPapa tells us a different story. With a view to the below chart, readers will have more access to the A2Hosting uptime of the past 30 days.

The reliable hosting environment has a close relationship with the A2Hosting efforts and investment on data centers, servers, network, technology, etc. Also, technicians are responsive to issues which pose threats to their hosted websites.

A2Hosting vs HostPapa on Speed

HostPapa averages the server response time to 519ms, a figure which is acceptable for ordinary websites. However, it cannot satisfy the need for eCommerce websites which have a higher requirement on speed. In contrast, A2Hosting can deliver as short as 397ms server response time.

After the selection of most powerful plan, A2Hosting users can even be backed by Turbo server, A2 optimized site accelerator, LiteSpeed cache plugins, and more. Certainly, whether to choose Turbo plan or not should be based on requirements and budget.

A2Hosting vs HostPapa on Support

It is too late to learn the support quality after the purchase of a hosting solution. On their official website lie convenient options for phone call, live chat, and ticket/email. Our editors have checked the availability of their technical support. What we have tested is in accordance with their user reviews. A2Hosting often gives quicker assistance to users, addressing issues before they become more and more serious.

In fact, both web hosts also give users freedom to solve problems on their own. Featured with rich online resources, their knowledge base can be quite useful for common problems. Under normal circumstances, users are advised to consult their online resources first.

Wrap Up

Things are clear after the combination of their uptime, speed, and support. A2Hosting is the winner who leaves users more time to improve the content quality. And the anytime refund policy is another reason to place an order with this web host, making the purchase more secure.


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