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A2Hosting VS HostGator - Which is the Better WordPress Hosting Provider?

A2Hosting VS HostGator – Which is the Better WordPress Hosting Provider?

A2Hosting VS HostGatorThis comparison of A2Hosting VS HostGator is aiming at reviewing and comparing A2Hosting and HostGator two companies on WordPress hosting price, features, performance, reliability, security and support. All contents are trusted, coming with our editor’s real experience and in-depth reviews of customers so that you can feel free to refer to it and make a right choice.


Both A2Hosting and HostGator provide quality services, and it’s really hard to make a choice. Before comparing them in specific aspects, we have made a comparison of the overall introductions as below, which shows HostGator is a little more reputable in the field while A2Hosting is extremely excellent for the fast speed.

Rating A2Hosting HostGator
Feature rating 4.0 rating 4.5
Performance rating 4.5 rating 4
Reliability rating 5.0 rating 4.5
Security rating 4.5 rating 5
Support rating 5.0 rating 5
Price $3.92/mo $3.82/mo
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A2Hosting is a reputed web hosting provider offering a series quality hosting solutions including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. With lightning fast SwiftServer platform and advanced technology Solid State Drive, it keeps the hosting sites super fast and 99.9% up.

HostGator is a world-leading hosting provider providing top notch services such as shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server packages for both beginners and professionals. Established in 2002, it has been a comprehensive and robust company with over 750 employees and serving for more than 9 million customers from over 200 countries.

Both companies are well-known and provide great services. In below, we review the price, features, speed & uptime, and technical support carefully.

Price Value

Price is always the top concern when choosing a WordPress hosting, especially for customers who have limited budgets. Luckily, both A2Hosting and HostGator price their services reasonably and affordably. Below is the price table of two companies, which shows HostGator is still a little bit cheaper than A2Hosting.

Price A2Hosting HostGator
Plan in Comparison Prime Hatchling
Regular Price $5.99/mo $6.95/mo
Coupon 51% Off 45% Off
Discounted Price $3.92/mo $3.82/mo
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The WordPress hosting service of A2Hosting is starting at $5.99/mo regularly, and it also offers an extra SSD option for $3.00/mo. And now, you can get up to 51% discount for the monthly and yearly billing plans by going through the promotional link. It accepts multiple payments as credit card, PayPal, 2CheckOut, Google Checkout, and even Band Transfer. With the solid 30 days money back guarantee, you can be assured for the service.

HostGator WordPress hosting is also affordable, starting at $3.82/mo and 45% off the regular price with this promotional link to activate the HG45PERCENT coupon code. It also includes a lot of free templates, free scripts, and $100 Google AdWords credits. Additionally, HostGator even provides 1 month billing plan for $6.26/mo, which is quite suitable for budget-limited customers. You can fully rest assured for HostGator services as it offers no contact 45 days money back guarantee.


In addition to the affordable price, A2Hosting and HostGator also provide rich features to ensure the hosting sites with full functionality.

Feature A2Hosting HostGator
Plan in Comparison Prime Hatchling
Price $3.92/mo, 51% Off $3.82/mo, 45% Off
Free Domain no Yes
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
1-click Installer Softcalous Softcalous
PHP & MySQL Yes Yes
Ruby & Python & Perl Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes yes
Shared SSL Certificate Yes Yes
Free Data Backup No Yes
Free Advertising Credits No $100 Google AdWords Credits
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 45 Days
Link Activation Link Activation

A2Hosting and HostGator both provide free site builder, 1-click installer, cPanel control panel, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSH, etc. However, HostGator still offers free data backup and advertising credits while A2Hosting does not. You can check out the commons and differences in the above comparison table.

Speed & Uptime

We have tested the performance of both A2Hosting and HostGator for over 6 months, and they both perform very quickly and excellently. By hosting two WordPress sites with the same content and same scripts on A2Hosting and HostGator, we get a server response time statistics as the following, in which shows that HostGator is 17% faster than A2Hosting. Note that A2Hosting speed can be 300% faster if you choose the additional SSD service.

Actually, it does not surprise that A2Hosting and HostGator can keep the hosting sites with such fast speed and 99.9% uptime. They both provide high-performance facilities and advanced technologies. A2Hosting has two data centers, each of which utilizes lightning fast SwiftServers. With 10 GB redundant network, 8 core server minimum, 24 GB RAM server minimum, and free CloudFlare content delivery network, A2Hosting has the ability to keep the hosting sites superbly fast. Besides, it also provides optional SSD service which can speed up the hosting sites 300% faster.

With HostGator, there are also two data centers available for you in Provo and Houston: Ace Data Center facility and CyrusOne Houston West facility. To make their hosting websites run with minimum downtime and maximize speed, HostGator protects the data centers from power interruption, security issues, high temperatures, and more.

The high quality redundant infrastructure Ace Data Center facility consists of N+1 diesel generators, 750kW UPS battery backup units, multiple critical paths, dual segregated transformers, cooling system, and fire suppression system. Besides, the network and servers are being monitored all the time. CyrusOne Houston West facility is featured with state-of-the-art server hardware, HVAC, 24/7 monitoring, and more.

In fact, the HostGator network also comes with the latest technologies. HostGator forms a partnership with Juniper, Cisco, Brocade, Arbor Networks, and Arista Networks. What’s more, HostGator utilizes a wide array of network carriers to improve the network infrastructure. Thus the websites hosted by HostGator are also able to experience high uptime and fast speed.


technical supportBoth companies provide professional technical support to help customers via phone, live chat, and email. You can contact for help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With the experienced and knowledgeable support representatives, you can always get effective helps. Besides, they also include an online support center on the official website, where you can find out many tutorials and help articles.


Both A2Hosting and HostGator provide outstanding web hosting services. No matter which you choose, it can ensure your websites fast and up. Honestly speaking, we recommend A2Hosting for customers who focus on the speed mostly, but recommend HostGator for customers who consider about the overall hosting services. After all, HostGator gains a high to 99.7% customer satisfaction rate.


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