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A2Hosting VS BlueHost – Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Comparison

A2Hosting VS BlueHost – Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Comparison

A2Hosting VS BlueHostA2Hosting and BlueHost are two of the best cheap WordPress hosting which provide quality WordPress services. We have carried out this in-depth comparison – A2Hosting VS BlueHost based on products and services, performance, reliability, support, and price value, to help customer pick up the really suitable company.


Started in 2001, A2Hosting is a topnotch web hosting provider offering fast WordPress services for $3.92/mo only. On the other hand, BlueHost is a reputable web host founded in 2002, and also affordable for $2.95/mo. Both web hosts start at affordable prices and come with quality WordPress Hosting service, but which is better? In below table, we have carried out the overall comparison between A2Hosting VS BlueHost, in which you can learn about the main feature ratings of these two companies.

Rating A2Hosting BlueHost
Feature rating 4 rating 5
Speed rating 4 rating 5
Uptime rating 5.0 rating 5
Safety rating 5.0 rating 5
Support rating 5.0 rating 5
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According to the above table, two companies gain good ratings on all aspects, but BlueHost is still a little bit better than A2Hosting. After all, devoted in the field for more than 15 years, BlueHost is quite experienced, knowing what customers need and providing superb products and professional services for individuals and small businesses.

Price & Features – BlueHost Wins

The WordPress hosting services of both A2Hosting and BlueHost are affordable. A2Hosting is starting at $7.99/mo regularly, and now offering 51% discount and starting at as cheap as $3.92/mo. Note that the promotional price is only valid for customers purchasing the monthly and yearly billing plan by going through the exclusive promotional link. Besides, it covers the SSD service for free, which can accelerate the site with 300% faster page loading speed.

BlueHost prices its WordPress hosting solutions from $7.99/mo originally, but now it is launching a special discount which allows customers to pay $2.95/mo for Basic plan and $3.95/mo for Plus plan going through this promotional link. In addition, it provides 1 free domain name, Google AdWords credits and Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

Besides the affordable price, A2Hosting and BlueHost both offer rich features to maintain a variety of websites with various needs. You can check out the detailed information in the below table.

A2Hosting BlueHost BlueHost
Plans in Comparison Prime Basic Plus
Discount 51% Off 63% Off 64% Off
Price Now $3.92/mo $2.95/mo $3.95/mo
Free Domain no Yes Yes
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
1-click Installer Softcalous (400+ apps) SimpleScripts (100+ apps) SimpleScripts (100+ apps)
PHP & MySQL Yes Yes Yes
Ruby & Python & Perl Yes Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes yes Yes
Shared SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Anytime Anytime
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation

Performance & Uptime – Both Win

Super fast speed and 99.9% uptime are the important reasons why these two web hosts deserve the Best Cheap Hosting. A2Hosting has 2 data centers, one of which is located in Southfield, Miami and the other is in Reykjavik, Iceland. Both data centers are utilizing high performance SwiftServers, which features with 10 GB redundant network, 8 core server minimum, 24 GB RAM server minimum, and free CloudFlare content delivery network, to ensure the redundant power and keep the hosting sites with 99.9% uptime. With the SSD (Solid State Drives) speed boost option, the hosting websites can have 300% faster speed and be loaded within 1 second.

BlueHost has also invested 3 dedicated data center in Utah, US. All data centers are equipped with high performance servers with 4x AMD Operton processors, 64 GB DDR3 memory, Raid 10 SATA3 and 1000 MBits intranet connections. Moreover, it has also customized and optimized Linux Kernel for the more reliable and secure WordPress hosting service.

We have tested the performance by hosting 2 same WordPress sites with the same content and scripts on A2Hosting and BlueHost. As a result, they both perform superbly fast, much more excellent than the common web hosts in the field. Carefully, we can see that BlueHost is still 24% faster than A2Hosting. Check out the real time statistics as the following chart.

Support – Both Win

As support is always an important factor for choosing a reliable hosting provider, you won’t be disappointed with A2Hosting and BlueHost technical support. They both provide 24×7 US based technical support via phone, online chat and email. That means you can submit a ticket, email them, call theme, chat with them or post on the forum wherever you are and whenever you need help. Even at 0:00 am on Christmas Eve, the support will be right for you. In addition, customers can find many resources on the online Support Centers.

A2Hosting VS BlueHost – Conclusion

It’s really hard to say which is better as A2Hosting and BlueHost both provide outstanding WordPress hosting services with affordable price. Both companies are powerful enough to maintain the personal blogs and small to medium sized business websites.

If you are running a online store or image website and maily focusing on the website speed, we recommend you choosing A2Hosting which provides SSD service to speed up websites 300% faster than others. On the other hand, if you focus on both rich features and fast speed, we recommend you going with BlueHost. In addition to the affordable price and fast speed, BlueHost is also along with ANYTIME money back guarantee and 99.5% customer satisfaction rate so that you can be assured for the purchase.


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