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A2Hosting VS Arvixe on Shared Web Hosting

A2Hosting VS Arvixe on Shared Web Hosting

Having been involved in the web hosting industry over 10 years, A2Hosting and Arvixe are popular with a large number of webmasters worldwide. Both companies use the most powerful data centers with advanced technologies thereby ensuring a high level of reliability. Also, each hosting solution comes with rich features and affordable price. We make the A2Hosting vs Arvixe to reveal which company offers more reliable and cost-effective shared web hosting.

Date Centers & Networks

A2Hosting Data Centers and Uptime Report

A2Hosting takes full charges of all web servers and keeps monitoring each server around the clock. The web servers are placed in three data centers that are located in Michigan, Singapore and Amsterdam. To guarantee continuous power supply, A2Hosting equips each data center with UPS uninterrupted power, Cummins Diesel Generator, single active path, and other technologies.

Also, this company uses 15 air conditioning units to maintain the data centers at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. That keeps constant temperature all the time. The climate control system guarantees 30% to 40% humidity levels. We have made a uptime test for A2Hosting and get a result as below.

Arvixe Data Centers and Uptime Report

Arvixe uses multiple US-based data centers. Each data center is supported by fully redundant data center power and uninterrupted power supply in case of power outage. This company also locates web servers in Dallas, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. That guarantees excellent uptime and fast speed to websites hosted in United States, Asia and Europe.

Cooperating with some Tier 1 bandwidth providers, like AT&T, Time Warner Telecom and Level 3, Arvixe can ensure unblocked data transfer. However, based on our monitoring, we have found that Arvixe is not that reliable as they claim to be.

Comparison on Server Response Time

According to a real server response time test on A2Hosting and Arvixe, we find that both web hosts have done a great job. Check the evidence as below.

Comparison on Technical Support

A professional support team plays an important role in solving any problem once it is breaking out. A2Hosting, especially, attaches the great importance to technical support, and have a group of well-trained support staffs ensuring the top-level technical support.

  • Support 24×7 online chat, ticket system, email and phone.
  • Include a large number of helpful guides and articles in the knowledge base, in terms of domains, cPanel, pre-sale questions, and so on.
  • Allow webmasters to exchange experience with each other in A2Hosting Community and Arvixe Discussion Board.
  • The official blog includes multiple advanced tutorials great for experts.

As for Arvixe, this hosting provider also offer multiple support methods and the 24/7 availability. However, when considering the support quality and the response speed, Arvixe fails to do the good job. As researched online, we have found a lot of complaints about their technical support.

Arvixe Support Review

What’s in the Package?

Overview of Hosting Features

We would like to list the main features included in the elementary plans of A2Hosting and Arvixe. The selected plans are Lite and PersonalClass.

Feature A2Hosting Arvixe
Plans in Comparison Lite PersonalClass
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses 25 Unlimited
Domains Allowed 1 6
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
MySQL5 yes yes
Ruby/Ruby on Rails yes yes
PHP5 yes yes
Perl yes yes
Python yes yes

Control Panel and 1-Click Installer

A2Hosting and Arvixe integrate each shared hosting plan with the best control panel – cPanel. That simplifies the website building and development. The intuitive interface makes it easy to target any function at a glance. Even for beginners, they will find no difficulty in handling such a user-friendly control panel.

By featuring the Softaculous 1-click installer, both companies enable 1-click installation for hundreds of apps, like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, etc. That allows webmasters to create a website for any purpose as needed.

Strong Points of A2Hosting and Arvixe

  • A2Hosting – Each shared hosting solution is featuring SSD, which guarantees faster speed than many competitors. Also, the CloudFlare content delivery network is included in all packages and that is free of charge. In this case, the content delivery speed is improved significantly.
  • Arvixe – Arvixe pays close attention to web hosting affordability. To provide customers with more benefits, Arvixe includes one free domain name in each plan as well as releases $200 advertising credits. This company also attaches great importance to security by using Firewall and Brute Force Detection.

Conclusion: Here, we can admit that both of these two web hosts are the rich-featured options. With both of them, you can start the WordPress site with ease, along with the easy site management.

How Much You Need to Pay for Each Plan?

Having had a rough idea about the main features of each solution, let’s look into web hosting price and discount.

A2Hosting Shared Web Hosting Price and Discount

A2Hosting develops three hosting solutions and each comes with 51% discount. The three solutions are starting from $7.99/mo to $18.99/mo in regular. After activating this exclusive discount by going through this promotional link, the price is automatically down to $3.92/mo. Those plans are suitable for both individuals and enterprises.

A2Hosting Promotion Link Activation

Arvixe Shared Web Hosting Price and Discount

There are two solutions offered by Arvixe, including PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro. These two web hosts charge a little bit more than A2Hosting, which start at $4 and $7 for each month.

Money Back Guarantee

The hassle-free money back guarantee is a great policy that allows customers to ask for a refund if they are not satisfied with the service.

  • A2Hosting allows customers to cancel their accounts and ask for a refund in anytime. However, if there is a need for full refund, customers are required to cancel their accounts within the first 30 days.
  • Arvixe promises to give customers a full refund within the first 60 days. That leaves customers enough time to decide whether the service is worth going.

Summary – Who Is the Winner?

According to the analysis of hosting performance, resources allocation and affordability, both companies have done a good job. If there is a need to tell which web host offers more affordable shared web hosting services, A2Hosting is selected here. Even, this web host is great for webmasters who have high demand on web hosting reliability and speed.


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