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5 Aspects You Should Consider for a Hong Kong WordPress Hosting

5 Aspects You Should Consider for a Hong Kong WordPress Hosting

As many webmasters choose WordPress to host their blogs or websites, most web hosting companies offer WordPress hosting solutions to meet their needs. With the easy installation, customized themes and tons of plugins, WordPress has become the most widely used CMS.

If you develop a WordPress website aiming at Asian market, you can choose a Hong Kong WordPress hosting company like this one. It guarantees fast connections to most Asian countries and can be compatible with WordPress. The following tips contain the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing an appropriate plan.

Needed Features

featuresWordPress is based on PHP and MySQL that are critical elements of WordPress web hosting. According to your own experience, you should consider whether the web host offers the latest and the most suitable version. Additionally, a good web host should also provide abundant disk space and unlimited bandwidth to host your WordPress website.
Some reliable Hong Kong hosting providers offer at least 3 versions of PHP as well as the latest edition of MySQL. ZhuJi91.com.hk, for instance, provides PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4, MySQL 5 database server, at least 500M disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Besides, it allows customers to purchase additional MySQL databases only pricing at $2/mo, which can meet the needs of all kinds of websites.

Control Panel

WordPress is easy to install because many user-friendly control panels, like cPanel, contain the 1-click WordPress installer, enabling you to install the WordPress in a simple way. A reliable hosting company should provide a 1-click installer to help you successfully set up the WordPress website even without any professional knowledge.

Reliable & Fast Hosting Environment

hosting environmentA good WordPress Hong Kong web host should ensure a good uptime record and a fast page loading speed by utilizing the world-class data center as well as robust servers. Once visitors enter your webpages, they can barely suffer downtime and can quickly download content on your website.

For example, ZhuJi91.com.hk makes use of the first-class Hong Kong data center with a fully redundant power supply, as well as 100% DELL servers. It provides a reliable hosting environment and fast connections to most Asian areas.

Pricing & Refund Policy

Except for providing high quality services, a reliable WordPress hosting company needs to offer an affordable price as well as some discounts to help you reduce the cost. Additionally, the refund policy is also a necessary factor. The web host should offer at least 30 days money back period that enables you to get a refund when you are not satisfied with the hosting service.

Tech Support

supportWith professional technical support, you are able to get an immediate solution through a variety of options, like email, phone and live chat. To help you create a WordPress website, some hosting companies offer the knowledge base, tutorials and a forum to deliver you a large amount of online resources.

How to Get a Good Hong Kong WordPress Web Hosting?

When choosing a Hong Kong WordPress web hosting, you need to select the web host that offers all the necessary features and add-ons, a high level of usability, a reliable hosting environment, a fast page loading speed, an affordable price, and a responsive technical support.


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