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1and1 VS DreamHost - Which is the Better Shared Web Hosting?

1and1 VS DreamHost – Which is the Better Shared Web Hosting?

This 1and1 VS DreamHost comparison tells the differences and commons between 1and1 and DreamHost, which is conducted on the bases of company reputation, price, feature, performance and technical support. In the following, we have explored the detailed information of these two companies, and made a comprehensive comparison between them.

1and1 VS DreamHost > Company Reputation

Established in 1997, 1and1 is one of the large web hosting providers. It has 65,000 powerful web servers, serving for approximately a million websites worldwide. Nonetheless, in the past 2 years, the new customers of 1and1 are declining because of its poor features, performance and technical support.

By contrast, founded in 1997, DreamHost is one of the famed web hosting providers, serving for nearly 750,000 websites. And in the increasingly competitive market, it becomes out of sight in the recent years.

From the respective of industry and our investigation, we find that both of them have gained very good companies reputation. In accordance with our real hosting experience and regular monitoring results, we have unbiased ratings for them with respect to overall services, control panel, performance and technical support. For specific ratings, please see the table below.

Rating 1and1 DreamHost
Overall services 2.5 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars
Control Panel 2.5 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars
Performance 2 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
Technical Support 2.5 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars

1and1 VS DreamHost > Price Comparison

1and1 provides three plans for shared web hosting, including Web Hosting Basic, Web Hosting Unlimited and Web Hosting Advanced. For Web Hosting Basic, its starting price is $0.99/mo for 12 months subscription, but renews at $6.99/mo.

DreamHost is regularly pricing at $9.95/mo and $8.95/mo for the 1/2-year billing cycle. At present, you can activate an up to 34% discount to make the price down to $5.95/mo. Also, DreamHost provides customers with one free domain name and free domain privacy for life.

As for the payments, both companies support payment via credit cards, but you should note that the money back guarantee of DreamHost is only valid for credit cards payments.

1and1 VS DreamHost > Feature Comparison

In terms of features, 1and1 and DreamHost have differences in some aspects. 1and1 possesses 20 MySQL 5 Databases, 100 GB disk space, 20 FTP Accounts and 100 E-mail Accounts, while DreamHost features unlimited MySQL 5 Databases, disk space, FTP Accounts and E-mail Accounts.

Besides, when it comes to control panel, 1and1 uses Plesk as its control panel while DreamHost has created a control panel by self. Frankly speaking, the control panel of these two companies are not user-friendly when compared to the most popular cPanel in the field. For more specific differences on features, please refer to the following table.

Feature 1and1 DreamHost BlueHost
MySQL 5 Databases 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts 20 Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Accounts 100 Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel no no Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes

DreamHost offers sufficient MySQL5 databases, disk space, FTP accounts and email accounts without limitation. That includes much more possibilities than 1and1 shared web hosting. As compared with the truly quality BlueHost, however, this web host still lacks behind.

1and1 VS DreamHost > Performance Comparison

1and1 has US data center in Lenexa and KS, powered by advanced information storage technology. As a result, the 1and1 state-of-the-art data centers maintain your websites running and your valuable information in safety. And as we monitor in the past 30 days, 1and1 has delivered approximately 99.97% uptime.

By comparison, DreamHost doesn’t operate a data center by itself, but has been partnering with a Los-Angeles-based collection provider for data center services. Moreover, it just equips general servers and utilizes common networks. And as we monitor its uptime, it virtually delivers a 99.99% uptime in practice.

When it comes to server response time, 1and1 responses 720ms averagely while DreamHost responses approximately 500ms. To be frank, as compared many other top web hosts we have tested, both of them fail to achieve a great result in this aspect.

1and1 VS DreamHost > Technical Support

With respect to technical support, 1and1 supplies 24/7 technical support via phone calls, live chat, e-mail ticketing system and user-based forum. In contrast, you can only seek for DreamHost help through email. And if you need phone or live chat support, you have to pay extra $14.95/mo.

After our in-depth reviews, we find that there are many customers complaining technical support of support teams from 1and1 and DreamHost. We also have tried to contact them via all possible ways. 1and1 have kept us waiting for 10 minutes while DreamHost answers our request in 10 minutes.


From what we have compared above, it is clear that both of these two companies have some pros and cons for the aspects of price, features, hosting performance and support service. In this case, if you are looking for a worth-trying web host, we recommend neither of them, but hope you can try one of the following three options.


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