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1and1 VS Bisend on Windows Hosting

1and1 VS Bisend on Windows Hosting

Hundreds of, if not thousands, web hosting options are available to choose from on the marketplace. Bisend, one of the new comers, can be a choice for Windows hosting. Having accumulated rich hosting experience, 1and1 also seems to be a proper Windows hosting provider. The 1and1 vs Bisend comparison aims to set the two web hosts apart based on their price, feature, uptime, speed, support, etc.

Since we started to review web hosts in the year of 2006, we know well how to reveal the secret. Through the 1and1 vs Bisend comparison will shorten the length of time required to answer which one to choose for Windows hosting. In the course of exploration, we value our editors’ tests and truly hosting experience. The below chart can be the source of the fear about 1and1 and the trust on Bisend.

Rating 1and1

Price 4 5
Feature 3.5 4.5
Uptime 5 5
Speed 3 5
Support 4.5 5
Read Review 1and1 Review Bisend Review

Similarities between 1and1 and Bisend

Both release considerable discounts

High expenses will threaten the survival of business in the fierce completion. Both web hosts understand the importance of regulating their pricing strategy. Considerable discounts lower their Windows hosting to a proper pricing level. Regularly priced from $7.99/mo, 1and1 gives up to 87% discounts to users and Bisend releases up to 64% discounts through the promotional link.

In detail, the first 12 mos are the time period for 1and1 users to enjoy the bottom price of $0.99/mo, $4.99/mo, and $8.99/mo. Bisend users can have a much longer time to enjoy the discounted prices. The billing cycle to go with Bisend can be 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. The current prices from $2.95/mo can also shrink the economic budget of Bisend users.

With either 1and1 or Bisend, webmasters can ask their money back during the first 30 days. This can be a reflection of their confidence to deliver the best possible Windows hosting experience.

Price Information 1and1

Plan in Comparison Basic Standard
Billed Triennienlly $2.95/mo
Billed Binnienlly $3.95/mo
Billed Annually $0.99/mo and then $7.99/mo $4.95/mo
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
How to Claim 1and1.com Bisend.com

Their solutions are different sizes

The server resources allocation for each Windows hosting solution is quite different. The minimum plan is suitable for a dynamic web project; the medium one is ideal for one or several big projects, and the most power one can be perfect for source intensive web projects or online shops. However, we focus more on their basic plan which is good to have a start through the list of their feature offerings.

Regardless of your choice, the latest Microsoft Windows technology can be used for your website. For example, Bisend users have access to Windows 2012, ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 5, IIS 8.5, and other best versions of development features.

Price Information 1and1

Plan in Comparison Basic Standard
Bandwidth Unlimited 50 GB
Disk Space 100 GB 10 GB
Databases 25 Unlimited
Email Accounts 500 50
Websites 1 1
Free Domain 1 for 1 Year 0
Application Pool Dedicated Dedicated
SQL 2016 2016
Windows Server 2016 2012
IIS 8 8.5
PHP 7.2 7.x
ASP.NET 4.6 4.5/Core 1.1
Ad Credits Yes No
SSL Certificate Yes Yes
Classic ASP No Yes
Current Price $0.99/mo $2.95/mo
How to Claim 1and1.com Bisend.com

Both have excellent uptime records

Always stay away from a web host who cannot deliver more than 99.9% hosting uptime. Constant downtime will result in the failure to create a popular website or run a growing business. So their reliability is under our more than 6 months of monitoring.

A conclusion can be drawn that their hosting environment is ultra-reliable through their average of 99.95% hosting uptime. DDoS protection, free SSL certificate, geo-redundancy, and more make their hosting environment stable and secure.

Bisend Edges over 1and1

Plesk control panel

It is a good thing for 1and1 to develop its own control panel without relying on the third parties. But this custom control panel has been criticized for the complicated interface and limited features from the beginning. To deliver a much easier hosting experience, Bisend work with Plesk control panel which is popular among Windows users. Even newbies can manage email, files, account, and more with ease.

High performance hosting

Creating a fast website is important for each website. Visitors who have a faster user experience are more willing to read the website content. We care much about the time their servers need to answer requests. What surprises us is the sharp gap between their server response time. With Bisend, the average server response time is no more than 400ms. But the websites hosted on the 1and1 shared server are too slow to put up with.

That Bisend can load hosted websites faster should be thankful for the utilization of multiple data centers, Dell servers, SSD drives, CloudFlare CDN, etc.

More responsive support

Bisend users will feel it easier to contact their technical support. The chat system is open to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With 1and1, the instant communication channel is the phone call. This brings inconvenience to those who cannot speak English fluently. Live chat, the most widely used contact method, can also get more responsive support from Bisend.

Also, both web hosts prepare a help center for those who face the most common errors. Without a waste of time, users can directly find the solutions. And both web hosts never stop the steps to enrich their online resources.

1and1 VS Bisend – Conclusion

The major edges Bisend has over 1and1 can be seen from the above information. So it is advisable to have a Windows website on Bisend. In the long run, this web host will bring you much more benefits.


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