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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

WordPress is the most popular blogging system and Content Management System widely used by various kinds of websites. Today, it is powering more than 60 million websites worldwide, and serving over 18% of the Alexa “top 1 million” websites. Though WordPress is well-known for ease of use, many beginners are still stuck when it comes to using this software. This WordPress tutorial for beginners focuses on the most frequently asked questions, and gives answers to help you get started with WordPress easily.

1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) written in PHP and backed by MySQL database. It was first released in 2003, as a fork of b2/cafelog; and as of Aug.1, 2013, it has released the latest WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” to commemorate its 10 years development. WordPress features a plug-in architecture and a template system, allowing users to beautify their blogs and websites with themes, and extend the functionality with plugins.

2. What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

WordPress comes with two flavors: the completely hosted WordPress.com and the self-hosted version at WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a web hosting platform that utilizes WordPress core and allows users hosting their sites on it. Users can only sign up accounts focus on their content, WordPress.com will handle all the technical problems.

On the other hand, WordPress.org is the official community of WordPress, where customers can download the WordPress software for free, discuss the WordPress problems, and get involved in the core, UI, languages, themes, plugins, etc. For self-hosted WordPress, it needs to be installed on a web hosting before working.

For a detailed comparison, you can read about this comparison of WordPress.com VS WordPress.org.

3. How to Create a WordPress Blog with WordPress?

It is quite easy to create a WordPress blog. You just need to download the WordPress software and install it on a web server. As most reputable WordPress hosting providers like BlueHost, HostGator, JustHost provide 1-click installation, you can install WordPress through the control panel by few clicks. Follow the detailed steps on this article.

4. How to beautify WordPress site with new themes?

WordPress allows users customizing the website appearances with beautiful themes. There are a lot of free and paid themes on the community and third party websites. You can download a theme, and install it on the dashboard.

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Click Appearance -> themes, and click “Install Themes”, and then upload the theme in a .zip format from your local computer.
  3. Click “manage theme” to customize the colors, layouts, header image, background image and static front page.

5. My Site is slow, how can I speed it up?

Speed is an important factor for a WordPress site, having a big effect on the user experience. To speed up the WordPress site, you have several things to do.

  • Adding a caching plug-in. In general, the most popular caching plugin is W3 Total Cache, which is the fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plugin.
  • Using a CDN provider. CDN is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network which is a network of servers that deliver cached static content from websites to users.
  • Choosing a better hosting service. Hosting performance has a great impact on the website speed. To keep your WordPress site fast, you would pick a high performance WordPress hosting provider such as InMotion hosting.

6. How optimize WordPress site to improve the search engine rank?

Search engine rank is crucial to gain a large number of traffic. You can optimize your site to be search engines friendly, and improve the WordPress site ranking in the search results. Below, we list some of the most effective methods.

  • Submit the website to search engines
  • Select suitable keywords
  • Optimize the post title
  • Complete the post description
  • Build valuable links
  • Optimize the permalinks

7. How to prevent WordPress sites from being backed?

With the increasingly usage of WordPress, the security has been one of the top concerns. As statistics, around 170,000 WordPress sites were hacked in 2012, and the number continues to increase. Always, the core developers of WordPress, web hosting providers, and website owners should take responsible for the issues. However, instead of pinning your hope on others, you should make the biggest efforts to prevent your site from being hacked.

There are many ways to improve the WordPress security, such as choosing a reliable hosting package, keeping WordPress updated, backing up the database and files on scheduled, using safe WordPress themes, changing the username and password, securing wp-config.php file, limiting the failed login, protecting .htaccess file, and so on. You can read about this article for the detailed tips.

8. How to backup WordPress sites?

Having an online WordPress presence is not very easy because of the server malfunction, hacks and attacks, human causes, and other issues. Generally, backup is the most important thing to keep the website safe. When backing up, you can choose backup a whole website, or you can just back up the database. Always, there are 4 widely used methods, through cPanel, phpMyAdmin, FTP, and by hand. You can follow this article for detailed backup steps.

9. How to promote WordPress site with social network?

Today, social media has been quite popular, and only Facebook has more than 1000 million registered users. With a large number of users active on social networks every day, social media becomes a key place to promote websites and drive traffic. So, how to promote WordPress site with social networks?

The methods are various and flexible, and everyone has its specific method. You can create a brand page on Facebook or Google+; you can add a floating social share bar on your site; you can create a custom Twitter widget, or even you can do some social media optimization with WordPress SEO.

10. How to drive more traffic to WordPress site?

Traffic is the most important indicators to measure the website success. The more traffic your site gets, the more money you can make. Overall, the organic search traffic is the largest traffic source, but it’s not easy to drive traffic to WordPress as millions of websites share the same keyword traffic.

After all, you need to make your website to be SEO friendly and gain better ranking in the search engines. And the higher position your site gets, the more traffic you can drive.


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