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000WebHosting Review - Free and Cheap Hosting

000WebHosting Review – Free and Cheap Hosting

The question has often been asked whether 000WebHost deserves the trust on shared web hosting. When seeking a professional answer, most webmasters are quite bothered to make their own efforts. With an eye to core factors, this 000WebHosting review can rescue our readers from the complicated task.

Our experienced editors and verified customers work together to uncover the secret of 000WebHost. In fact, the shared web hosting service is proven not to be trustworthy for a website. Through the below rating table, we deliver a general idea to our readers on the price, feature, uptime, speed, and support. In a word, 000WebHost still has a long way to go before becoming one of the best shared web hosts.

000WebHost Free Hosting

On a global basis, the free hosting which supports PHP and MySQL has millions of followers. You are advised to practice the technical skills on the free web hosting. There will be no ads 000WebHost puts on their hosted websites. But it should be a fanciful illusion for the enough server resources, high security, high performance, and premium support.

The strict limitations on disk space, bandwidth, and more can even be a serious issue for a small website. With the allocation of 1 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth, 000WebHost limits the freedom to add rich media. And in the year of 2005, the free web hosting service encountered a security issue on the password protection. In addition, websites with free web hosting will experience constant downtimes and slowness. Furthermore, the chat and phone support has not been available for free users.

000WebHost Cheap Hosting

Cheap hosting solutions

Under normal circumstances, those who used the free web hosting service have the need for more room. What 000WebHost has been waiting for is the order free users place on the cheap web hosting.

Three options are on the 000WebHost product offerings: Single web hosting which starts at $0.80/mo with up to 80% discounts, Premium Web Hosting which starts at $0.88/mo with up to 90% discounts, and Business Web Hosting which starts at $1.44/mo with up to 88% discounts. After the expiration of special offers, 000WebHost users are required to pay more than $3.99/mo, $8.84/mo, and $11.99/mo separately.

The Premium Web Hosting is the most popular choice among the 000WebHost users with the consideration of cost-effectiveness. Those who opt for the plan have access to unlimited server resources, a website builder, a control panel, and a free domain name with annual plan. But free SSL, daily backups, ad credits, and other free extras are not included into the plan, which should catch the attention of our readers.

Plan Information

Hosting environment

Websites with a more reliable and much faster web host have the opportunity to get higher traffic and better search engine results. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of uptime and speed again and again so as to be responsible for newbies who have limited knowledge of a good web host.

The 99.9% uptime is a common guarantee in the industry. However, whether 000WebHost can carry out the promise is under our long period of monitoring with Pingdom. As a whole, paid users can expect their websites to be 99.9% available. 000WebHost can protect their own servers from power outage and security issues with UPS systems and 24/7 dedicated technicians.

However, the slow page loading speed remains a problem for paid users. As far as we know, 000WebHost does not utilize SSD, CloudFlare CDN, and other speed related technologies. Thus there is no surprise to see the slow running of their hosted websites. The average server response time (more than 800ms) is too long for websites which value user experience and conversion rate.

Technical Support

Only paid users can get the convenience of contacting the 000WebHost support team via phone and live chat. To be honest, the ticket support is not the first choices for the instant responses. The last ticket we send to 000WebHost is professionally answered in a day, which you can take for reference.

Along with the mentioned contact methods, the FAQ & Knowledge Base, Web Hosting Forum, and WordPress Tutorial can benefit those who want to have commonly asked questions settled on their own.

000WebHost Review – Conclusion

At the end of this 000WebHost review, we would like to say a pretty bad decision it will be to run a website on the 000WebHost shared server. The shared web hosting service is bad when compared to the below web hosts. One of the major concerns is the super slow speed, which will bring a bad situation to their hosted websites.

Having been selected from the sea of web hosts, these alternatives can meet the high requirements on shared web hosting. Also, BestHostingSearch.org is a professional website which recommends these web hosts to their readers. With a view to the below chart, their price and core features information can be clear.


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